Instagram For iPhone – How to Download Instagram on iPhone

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Instagram is one of the most popular and most used social media networks in the world with millions of users from across the world. The American-based photo and video sharing platform allows all its users to share their moments by posting videos and photos. Instagram can be accessed through your desktop web browser and via its mobile App. You can download the Instagram App on your android and iPhone application. However, we will be discussing on Instagram for iPhone in today’s write-up. Originally the Instagram App was made for iPhone users before an android version was created. According to research the Instagram app for iPhone users was officially launched on October 6, 2010.

Instagram For iPhone - How to Download Instagram on iPhone

When the Instagram App for iPhone was launched, it gained popularity among many online users from different parts of the world. The App enables many individuals to tell their stories using visual content such as photos and videos. Many individuals even use the App to promote their business, brands, and organization due to its large number of audiences. Instagram for iPhone comes with loads of features plus an amazing interface.  It doesn’t matter the version of your iOS device, you can download the Instagram App on your iPhone 6, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, etc.

Instagram App Download For iPhone

As earlier mentioned, Instagram provides you with different amazing features. Some of which include creating your own unique profile, sharing photos and videos, sending direct messages,s and a lot more. However, you can’t enjoy any of the earlier mentioned features without downloading the Instagram App on your iPhone device. Downloading the Instagram app for iPhone is quite easy and simple to go about. To download the IG app on your iPhone application follow the steps and guidelines below;

  • From your iOS home screen, tap to open the App store
  • Click on the search engine and search the Instagram App
  • You will be provided with a result list
  • Tap on the App from the result list
  • Click on the Get icon

Finally, launch and open the downloaded App on your iOS device and proceed to sign up for an account or login to your Instagram account on your iPhone if you already have an account.

How to Create an Instagram Account on iPhone

You can sign up for an account with Instagram on your iPhone using either your Facebook account or with your email or mobile number.  However, you will need to have downloaded the Instagram app on your device before you can proceed to sign up for an account. Note that that the sign-up process for Android and iOS operating systems are the same, but we will be using an iPhone device to show you some easy steps to create an account. Below are steps to create an Instagram account on your iPhone device;

Sign Up Via Facebook

  • Download the Instagram app from the App store
  • Once downloaded and installed, open the App
  • Click on the sign-up button
  • Select sign up with Facebook
  • Login to the Facebook account you wish to sign up with
  • Tap on continue with your Facebook username

Sign Up with Email or Mobile Number

  • Open the Instagram app on your iPhone device once downloaded and installed
  • Tap on sign with email or number
  • Enter your phone number or email on the next page and tap on next
  • Input your full name
  • Create a password
  • Now tap on syn contact or skip it
  • Enter your date of birth

Finally, you will be redirected to another page. Click on the sign-up and your new Instagram account will automatically be created. You can add a profile picture or skip. Besides, you can choose to connect your Facebook account with your account or skip it as well once the account has been created. You don’t need to log out of your account as it is on your device. You can stay logged in for as long as you like or switch between accounts on your iOS.

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