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IGTV, also known as Instagram TV is a standalone app that allows you to watch Instagram videos and clips using your Instagram account. With IGTV, you can watch videos from the creators you already followed on Instagram, find new videos and creators you’ll love. As an Instagram user, you’ll definitely know that IGTV is a feature on the Instagram website and IG app. IGTV allows you to create and watch videos and clips longer than one minute.

IGTV - Watch Instagram Videos | Instagram TV

Unlike the normal Instagram post that is limited to the duration of videos, you can watch and post. Instagram TV is not limited to one minute as it takes over your entire screen. IGTV allows creators to upload their full content and allow their followers to view them comfortably. Each content can be up to one hour long. It is no doubt that we’re currently in a time where sharing media files like videos is one of the moving trends on the internet. Netizens are into uploading media files as videos is not an exception. Instagram IGTV is an indispensable tool for them to upload their videos on.

Instagram TV

As the name implies, IGTV brings TV viewing to mobile users. You can see more videos from the creators you’re following via IGTV and amazingly enjoy their content. Instagram TV is aimed at bringing closer to the people and things you love. Meanwhile, the new Instagram video app is only available for Instagram users. This means that if you’re yet to sign up for an Instagram account, you can’t make use of IGTV Instagram. This is because it is an Instagram-owned app. And while it has a standalone app, you can also watch Instagram TV videos on the Instagram App for Android and iOS.

Features on IGTV

The limitation to the duration of the video you can post on Instagram has made it annoying. IGTV on the other hand is not limited to that. You can watch long videos all for free from those you follow and discover many more that are personalized for you;

  • It has a search engine that you can use to search for IGTV videos from creators you follow and those you don’t follow.
  • Create your own content and upload them for others to see.
  • Just like on Instagram, you can like comment, and send videos to friends.
  • You can watch live videos of other creators and you can also go live.
  • All your watched videos can be rewatched. Any video you watch on is saved on Watch History. The Watch history feature is in your profile section.

There are still other features apart from the aforementioned ones but just to mention a few. The best of it is that you can save any video you watch. Any video you save you will find in the Saved Videos section.


As stated above, IGTV is a standalone app. This means that it is a separate platform. Although IGTV allows you to sign up via its website, you won’t be able to explore its full features via the web. The app allows you to do more and you can only download it on Android and iOS from Google Play and App Store respectively. As soon as you open the app, Instagram TV starts playing immediately. On IGTV, the creators are the channels that display for you to watch. When you followed someone another Instagrammer, their channel will be available to watch.

How to Use IGTV

Instagram IGTV was actually created to enable creators to create their videos not limited to one minute. You can create videos up to an hour-long as long as you have the Instagram TV app or the Instagram app on your phone. Anybody can be a creator on Instagram TV as long as you have an Instagram account. To create your own IGTV video, tap to open the app on your phone. Having done that, click the plus icon at the top and start creating your video on the go.

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