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Telugu movies are one of the best and most-watched movies in India. Presently, Hindi movies have the highest percentage of movies released throughout India. Telugu movies followed by 14 percent as it also has a large audience. In the meantime, there are several websites that offer you Hollywood movies for free. But as a Telugu lover, you might be looking for a website that offers only Telugu movies. This is where iBOMMA comes in. iBOMMA is an Indian movie website that provides users with Telugu movies to watch and download. On the iBOMMA website, you will find a wide range of exclusive Telugu movies in HD quality that you can access without paying a dime.

iBOMMA - Watch And Download Telugu Movies | ww4.iBOMMA.PW

On the contrary, iBOMMA is a piracy website that is ill-famed and infamous for leaking copyrighted content to users to access for free. Arguably, piracy is prevalent in the movie industry, and illegal websites like iBOMMA keep promoting this illegal act. It is one of the most visited piracy websites and it has leaked tons of Telegu movies, Telegu dubbed movies and other Hollywood movies. One interesting thing about this website is that it is compatible with different devices. You can access the websites on any internet-connected device like mobile, tablet, web, laptops, and PCs. Stream and download movies effortlessly with the help of this website. 

iBOMMA Website

Most users of this Telugu movie website do not know its present domain due to the fact that it is been constantly switching domains over the years. The reason behind the constant switching is undisclosed as it is best known to the website owners. But from our own perspective, we think this incessant switching is a result of the website being illegal. iBOMMA has operated across different domains in the past couple of years. It has used domains like iBOMMA.org, iBOMMA.in, iBOMMA.com, iBOMMA.info, and WW3.IBOMMA.ORG.

However, all these domains mentioned are no longer active as iBOMMA is now using a new domain. As of now, the iBOMMA official website is WW4.IBOMMA.PW and iBOMMA.net. Therefore, if you wish to access this website on your device, you should make use of the present domain. Mind you, if you use any of its past domains, it will redirect to the current website.

iBOMMA Search Engine

The easiest way to find a movie from a movie platform is to make use of its search bar or genre feature. In the meantime,ww2 iBOMMAPW comes with a powerful search engine that users can use to make their queries. With the search bar, you can locate any movie that you can’t find on the site homepage. The search bar is boldly displayed at the top of the homepage. Perhaps you have any movie in mind, just enter the movie name on the search field and click on the search icon to get your search results. If you don’t find the movie in the search result, it means it is not available on the website. Meanwhile, you can also search for other Bollywood movies but you won’t find any Hollywood movies on this platform.

What Movies Can I watch on WW2.IBOMMA.PW?

This torrent website has a huge library that plays a storehouse to thousands of Telegu movies across different genres. New movies are added daily on this platform to satisfy the vast majority of users. Some of the popular movies you can watch on iBOMMA are Jathi Ratnalu, Uppena, Rangde, iBOMMA Master, iBOMMA Krack, Red Movie, Vakeel Saab, Alludu Adhurs, SR Kalyana Mandapam, Sarileru Neekevvaru, Zombie Reddy, Miss India, Maharshi, Miss India, Majili, Geetha Govindam, and more.

iBOMMA New Movies

  • Chumbak
  • Red Notice
  • Maha Samudram
  • Jungle Cruise
  • 3 Roses [Season o1
  • Friendship
  • Aaradugala Bullet
  • Tryst with Destiny
  • Meenakshi Sundareshw
  • MGR Koduku
  • Varun Doctor
  • Kasada Thapara
  • Sridevi Soda Center
  • Jai Bhim
  • Aafat e Ishq
  • Sanak
  • Kaanekkaane
  • Love Story
  • Head & Tales
  • Kavan
  • Strange Thought
  • Cold Case

Movies Leaked by iBOMMA

  • Yuga Purushudu
  • Sri Rama Raksha
  • Sommokadidhi Sokokad
  • Chaitanyam
  • Sivaranjani
  • Sathyameva Jayathe
  • Priyuraalu
  • Sathyame Sivam
  • Ankahi Kahaniya
  • Ishq: Not a Love Story
  • Kanabadutaledu
  • Narasimha Puram
  • Annabelle Sethupathi
  • Ichata Vahanamulu Nilu
  • Maestro
  • Radio Madhav
  • Gaali – Hell is Empty
  • Sundari
  • Ksheera Sagara Madhan
  • Tughlaq Durbar
  • The Baker and the Beauty
  • Tuck Jagadish
  • Black Widow
  • Parigettu Parigettu
  • Tappinchukoleru
  • Paagal
  • Thimmarusu


Watching and downloading pirated content is illegal. Thus, iBOMMA is not safe for watching and downloading Telegu movies. iBOMMA does not own any of the movies on its websites but hosts them from OTT platforms and displays them to its users. Besides, piracy is a punishable offense under the Piracy Act law. In some countries like India, there is a fine imposed on those who visit piracy websites. You are therefore enjoined to desist from piracy websites like WW4iBOMMAPW to watch and download Telegu movies and other movies.

Alternatives to iBOMMA.net

Have difficulty accessing the iBOMMA website? If yes, panic no more because there are other websites where you can download free movies apart from iBOMMA.in. Hence, you can check out any of the websites below to watch and download movies.

Since iBOMMA is an illegal website, it is not advisable to rely on it as it can be banned anytime from now. We’ll be very glad if you can check the aforementioned websites one after the other to check what they offer.

How to Stream iBOMMA Telegu Movies on IBOMMA.net

Streaming is more fun on the iBOMMA website. You can watch free Telegu movies from any device anywhere and everywhere. Unlike other streaming platforms, that make use of commercials, iBOMMA.info does is not Ad-supported. You can stream conveniently without experiencing buffering. To stream Telegu movies;

  • Visit the iBOMMA official website on your web browser.
  • Locate your favorite movie from the extensive list of movies.
  • Click on the movie.
  • The next page is the streaming page. Click the play button and start watching the movie on the go.

Meanwhile, you also watch the movie trailer on the streaming page. Just click on the Trailer button to view the curtain-raiser. For every movie you select, you will a brief description of the movie such as the release year, genre, cast, director, and synopsis. Mind you, iBOMMA also provides you with Hindi, Malayalam, and English Movies.

iBOMMA Movie Download

Downloading movies on the iBOMMA website is pretty easy and can be done with a few clicks of a button. When you want to download movies, you should lookout for a website that offers movies in high definition. iBOMMA offers you movies in high resolution and quality. IBOMMA knows the importance of quality and clarity. As a result, you can download your favorite movies on the iBOMMA website in good quality using the step by step-by-step guide below;

  • Get your device connected to the internet and visit WW4.IBOMMA.PW on your web browser.
  • On the homepage, you will see tons of movies arranged according to the time they were released. In the other words, movies at the top are the latest movies.
  • Explore the website and check for your desired movies.
  • If you don’t find the movie of your choice, make use of the search bar. Enter the movie name on the search bar and click on the search icon to trigger your search.
  • Locate the movie on the next page and click on it.
  • On the next page, click on ‘’Mobile Download’’.
  • Within five seconds, the download link will appear. Click on ‘’Start Download’’.

Immediately, the download process will begin. You can download as many movies as you want and watch them on the go. No fee is required to download movies. What you need is a strong internet connection and enough storage space on your device.

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