How to Write a Check

Although the advent of online banking services has made it easier for Individuals and Business owners to make quick transactions and more which as in turn resulted in less use of checks. However, Checks are still widely used in many parts of the world and it is vital to know how to write a Check.  As you know, it is not every time you write a check or you probably might not know a how to fill cheque. And that is why this article is aimed at lecturing you on How to Write a Check accurately.

How to Write a Check

In the meantime, writing a Check is not a nuclear science but it is quite simple and easy to go about. It won’t even take your time. However, some steps and guidelines need to be followed to successfully write a check. If you’ve probably seen a check before, you will notice that certain fields need to be filled or might have been filled. A Check contains, Date, Name of the receipt, Amount in Figure and words, Description, and Signature. To successfully write a Check, the earlier mentioned fields need to be accurate. You can check out the steps below on How to write a Check.

Step by Step Guide On How to Write a Check

To successfully write a check, you will need to follow the step-by-step guidelines and instructions that we’ll be highlighting below. It is worthy to note that; writing a Check is important every adult need to know because you might one day need to write one. Plus not following the right steps to write a cheque might result in your check not being accepted by the bank. That said; you can follow the steps below on how to fill a Check;

Enter the Current Date at the Top Right Corner of the Check

One of the vital pieces of information you need to include while writing a check is the date the check was issued. To keep a record it is advisable to use today’s date but you can also postdate a check. The acceptable format of writing a date includes; 12/10/2021, December 10th, 2021, and Dec.10, 2021.

Write the name of the Payee (Recipient)

In this field, you are required to enter the accurate name of the person or company receiving the Check. When writing the name of a person, enter the first and the last name of the person correctly. But if you are writing a check to a company, write down the name you’ve been asked to write by the company.

Enter the Amount in Number

In this part, you will need to write the amount of check-in numerical form. For instance, if you are writing a check of 1623.51, you will write it has 1,623.51. Note that; to write a check with no cent or zero cents, you will need to put.00 after the dollar amount in the box.

Write the Amount Written in Number in Words

Simply enter the amount you have written in Numbers in words in this section. The amount written in words must not be different from the one written in numbers. You can either write in capital letters or start will capital letters or end in small letters and don’t forget to add Dollar.

Write a Short Description

In this field, you will be required to write your reason for writing the check. Although this is optional and wouldn’t affect the bank process of your check. But is advisable to always write a short memo or for the line. Besides, most companies will want you to write it as it will help them process their payment faster.


To make your check valid and acceptable, you will need to enter your signature in the field. Make sure to use the same signature that is on your bank file. Writing a wrong or a signature different from the one on your bank file might lead to your check being rejected. Lastly, it is not advisable to sign a check without filling in the above details.