How to Use Siri – Set Up Siri On Your iPhone and iPad

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How do I start using Siri or how do I set up Siri? Apple just like Google has been releasing several amazing features to enable all iOS users to enjoy its services better. If you happen to be an iOS user, you probably would have heard of Siri. A feature on iOS devices that allows you to perform several functions quickly and easily. Using Siri is one of the quickest ways to get things done by just talking, typing, or using a button. You can summon Siri with your voice in simple terms, with a button or you can simply type a question or task for Siri to answer or do.  

How to Use Siri - Set Up Siri On Your iPhone and iPad

According to research, Siri is one of the top virtual assistants in the world. However, this is due to its outstanding capabilities to respond to voice commands or greetings and its natural language processing. The intelligent assistant can be used on your iPhone 11,12,13 and 14. It can also be used on iPad Pro, iPad, iPad Air, iPod touch. You can easily send messages, call a contact, set an alarm, read messages and do a lot more with Siri. However, it requires you to have a stable network connection to start using its functionality.

How to Set Up Siri on Your iPhone or iPad

Before you can start using Siri, you must first learn how to set up Siri on your iOS devices. The steps to set up Siri is not a nuclear science but a very simple process. Nevertheless, steps and guidelines on how to set up Siri on either your iPhone or iPad will be shown below. Here are the steps to set up Siri  on your iPhone and iPad;

  • Open your iOS device
  • Go to the settings App on your device
  • Navigate down and select Siri and Search
  • Tap on enable Listen for Hey Siri
  • Hit on Enable Siri
  • To set up Siri, click on continue
  • Say Hey Siri into your device
  • Say Hey Siri Send a message
  • Also, Say Hey Siri what the weather like today
  •  Say Hey Siri, set a timer for three minutes
  • Say Hey Siri play some music
  • Now click on Done

Now you can proceed to start using Siri on your iOS device. And to go about it, check out the next outlines on steps on how to use Siri.

How to Use Siri

There are three ways you can make use of Siri on your device. You can summon Siri with your voice, with a button, and by just typing instead of speaking. Below are steps to use Siri using each method.

Using Your Voice

 To summon Siri with your voice, simply say Hey Siri and then ask Siri to perform a task or ask Siri a question. For example, “Say, Hey Siri, set an alarm for 9 “or “Hey Siri, how are you?”. Note to prevent your iOS from responding to Hey Siri, place your iPhone face down. Alternatively, you can go to your iPhone setting and turn off Listen for “Hey Siri”. You can also say Hey Siri, while you are wearing your Airpods pro or Airpods.

Using Siri With a Button

You can only summon Siri with a button when your device is on silent mode and Siri on the other hand while responding to you silently.  To summon Siri with a button, turn your iPhone to silent mode. Now press and hold the side button of your iPhone with Face ID or press and hold the home button of your iPhone with a home button. When Siri finally appears, ask Siri a question or do a task for you.

Typing to Siri

 To type to Siri instead of speaking, go to your iOS settings>accessibility> Siri. Then, click on turn on type to Siri. After setting it up, summon Siri and use your device keyboard and text field to ask Siri a question or to perform a task for you. In conclusion, if Siri is not working on your iOS device, simply contact the Apple support team for help.

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