How To Use Find My iPhone – Track Your Lost iPhone | Find My iPhone App

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What is the purpose of Find My iPhone and how do I use Find My iPhone? Our mobile device is one of our most personal collections and this is because most of our important details and documents are stored on our phones. And so, we must be able to track it, in case it gets missing. You will agree with me that for individuals making use of Apple Products like iPhone, iPad, or any other iOS device. Getting a new device now is quite expensive and this is the more reason we should be able to keep it safe.  And this is where Find My iPhone comes In. This service enables iOS users to be able to track their devices with ease.

How To Use Find My iPhone - Track Your Lost iPhone | Find My iPhone App

Find my iPhone was created by Apple Inc to allow iOS and Mac users to locate their devices without paying a dime. The Service is absolutely free to use and for mac users. It is known as Find my Mac. You can use Find My iPhone through the Find My iPhone app on your iOS or Mac devices. Or you can use the Track My iPhone on the website. Aside from the fact that you can track your iPhone device with this service, you can also track your family member’s missing device. However, this is only possible if you are in a family-sharing group and they share their location with you. Note that your family member must also be an iOS or Mac user to use the Find my iPhone/Mac.

Find My iPhone App

As earlier stated, you can find your missing iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch Mac, or iPod with the Find My iPhone App. When you download you download the App into your iPhone device, you can easily view the current location of your Apple device. You can also share your location with friends and family simply and easily through the Find My iPhone App. To download the App on your iPhone or iPad follow the steps below;

  • Go to your Apple play store on your device
  • Search for Find My iPhone App
  • Click on it once found
  • Tap on the Get button

After that launch and open the App on your device. You then are prompted to sign in with the Apple ID, which you used for your iCloud.

How to Set Up Find My iPhone

To start using Find my iPhone to track your stolen iPhone, iPad, AirPods, or Apple watch you must first set up Find My iPhone. To set up Find my iPhone you will need to create an iCloud account and after that follow the set below to set up find my iPhone on your iPhone;

  • Go the home Screen of your iPhone
  • Click on setting
  • Scroll down and tap on iCloud
  • Navigate down and tap on Find my iPhone
  • Turn on Find my iPhone
  • Then, turn on Send my location

After following the above process, Track my iPhone will automatically be enabled on your device. Now you can return to the home screen of your device.

How to Use Find My iPhone

As I earlier mentioned, you can find your Apple device through the Find my iPhone App or the iCloud website. However, steps and guidelines on how to find your device through the website will be provided in this part of the article. To find your device through the website you will need a stable Wi-Fi or data connection to go about the process. Now you can follow the process below;

  • Open your device web browser
  • Go to the iCloud website
  • Enter your Apple ID
  • Input your Password
  • Tap on All devices
  • Select the device you want to track and
  • Then, the name device will appear at the center of the toolbar

Afterward, you will see the location of the device you are trying to track. The location of your device will be indicated with a green dot on the map. To make your device play a sound, select play sound. If your device is online, it will eventually vibrate and play a sound. But if it isn’t, the sound will play the next time it’s online. To lock your phone tap, Lost Mode and follow the prompt. You can also choose to erase your iPhone, iPad, apple watch, or iPod if it Was really stolen, simply select erase and follow the prompt.

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