How to Fix Joy-Con Drift on Nintendo Switch

Wondering how to fix joy-con drift on Nintendo Switch? Don’t worry; there are a few ways you can fix the issue. Lately, Joy-Con drift has been disturbing Nintendo Switch owners since the release of the console. This has created a problem with thumb tugging even when the control stick is untouched.

How to Fix Joy-Con Drift on Nintendo Switch

Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can fix the issue with your Joy-Con Drift instead of sending it for physical repairs. In this guide, you will be provided with multiple ways that you can fix your Joy-Con Drift. If you have tried all the steps below, you can opt to send it in for physical repairs.

What is Joy-Con Drift?

Joy-Con Drift is an issue when the Joy-Con registers input where there is none. This means that your Switch Joy-Con controller acts as if something is moving the control stick even when there seems to be nothing.

This makes the game character, cursor, or camera on your Nintendo Switch move around even when no one is touching it. Unfortunately, this problem can worsen with time and lead to wear and tear inside the controller.

Ways to Fix Joy-Con Drift on Nintendo Switch

Having issues with your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con? Then you should check out these 9 ways to fix it. You can try any of the steps below to fix the Joy-Con on your Switch.

Reset Any Button Mapping

One of the ways to fix Joy-Con Drift on your Nintendo Switch is to reset any button mapping. Button mapping on your Nintendo Switch enables you to change the functions of several buttons to make the controllers more accessible. You can also make use of the button mapping to change your control stick orientation.

If you want to check if the button mapping on your Switch is active, you should return to the home screen and check in the bottom-left corner for a Switch with a wrench on it. Once you see it, head over to the System Settings> Controllers and Sensors> Change Button Mapping and then click Reset for every one of the Joy-Cons to return them to the default button mapping.

Check Your Controllers Are Connected Correctly

On the official page of Nintendo’s Joy-Con support page, it suggests that you check to make sure that your Joy-Con controllers are speaking to the Switch system properly. To do this, you need to go to the Home Screen and tap the Controllers button.

The picture located on the left side of the screen displays all the controllers currently paired with your Nintendo Switch and if they are registering as attached or detached from it. Ensure that this matches reality, and slide your Joy-Cons in and out of place on the game console to check if the pictures updated well.

If the Joy-Cons aren’t registering appropriately, then you can go to the Change Grip/Order and tap the minus (-) or plus (+) widget. Afterwards, you follow the prompts to pair your Joy-Cons again.

Update Your Switch System

Although several Joy-Con drift problems are related to hardware, there is a chance that the problem is software-related. This means that you can fix the problem with an update. By updating the operating system of your Nintendo, you will be able to fix all the problems that are caused by the software bug.

Make sure that your Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet first. Then return to the home screen, choose System Settings> System, and then click System Update. Your Nintendo Switch will check for updates, downloads, and any installations that are available.

Update Your Joy-Con Firmware

Along with your Nintendo Switch operating system, you will also be required to update the Joy-Con firmware. It is crucial to update the Switch system first because you will need the most recent operating system to be able to make use of the latest firmware for your Joy-Cons.

Once you have updated your Switch system, you can go to Home > System Settings> Controllers and Sensors and then tap Update Controllers. Your Nintendo will update each controller one at a time. Patiently wait for the updates to finish installing before testing your Joy-Cons again.

Recalibrate Your Control Sticks

It is very possible that your Joy-Con control sticks are pulling to one side because the calibration is wrong. This means the control stick sensors have lost perspective of what looks like a centered control stick. This is very easy to fix by recalibrating your Nintendo control sticks in the Switch settings.

Head over to the Home page and then choose System Settings> Controllers and Sensors. Then scroll down to Calibrate Control Sticks. Follow the prompt to recalibrate your control stick and make sure that the cross icon shows in the center of the circle.

You can also tap the Y to automatically return your control stick to the default settings. However, this only works if there is nothing physically wrong with the control stick.

Check for Game Software Updates

If your Joy-Con always shifts while you are playing the same few games, then there might be a problem with those particular games. Emphasize the relevant game on your Switch home screen and then tap the plus (+) button. Then choose Software Update > Via the Internet to check for any available updates.

Furthermore, check the details of the game online to find out if it makes use of tilt controls. It might be possible that your Joy-Cons are working normally. But they keep shifting to the side because you are tilting them without knowing that makes a difference.

Remove Any Skins or Covers

You might have customized your Nintendo Switch with covers, skins, cases, and other accessories. These are great ways to show your personality on your Switch. But they can also interfere with your Joy-Cons working perfectly.

To check if it has any effect, remove any stickers, covers, or skins from your Joy-Con controllers, especially if they are warped around the front of the controller close to the control sticks.

Clean the Joy-Con Control Sticks

Several times, Joy-Con drift is caused by dust and grime building up inside the control stick mechanism. If you don’t want to scatter your Joy-Con, you can still clean this dirt away to repair your Joy-Con. To fix your switch, you will need compressed air, fine-tipped tweezers, and a contact cleaner.

To clean your Joy-Con, you will need to pull the control stick to one side and then use the tweezers to lift the thin cover, revealing the mechanism. Use some compressed air to blow out any dirt or grit.

If this doesn’t work, then you can apply a tiny amount of contact cleaner into the mechanism. Then push the control stick around to work it in. Do not apply much liquid at all, and then do not use anything other than contact cleaner.

Send Your Joy-Con to Nintendo

If you have tried all the solutions and your Joy-Con is still drifting, then you can send your Nintendo in for a physical repair. If your Nintendo Switch is still under warranty, then the repair will be completely free. Visit the Nintendo Joy-Con repair page and then follow the prompts to send your Joy-Con away.

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