How to Download Music From Spotify

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Streaming music is best done on Spotify. Over the years, Spotify has topped the chart as the most popular streaming platform. Aside from streaming, creating playlists, and even posting your songs, you can download music online from Spotify. 

How to Download Music From Spotify

If you know how to download from Spotify, you will have no trouble getting any song of your choice. When you download songs on Spotify, you can stream them for free and offline. As you well know, this is an online streaming platform, so to make it easier and better to stream offline, you need to download.

How to Download Music From Spotify on Mobile

Using your mobile phone, you can easily download any song of your choice. Downloading music from Spotify via the mobile app is something that can be done by anyone using a mobile device. It is very easy to download music on Spotify on mobile, and below are the steps to follow.

  • Visit your Spotify app.
  • Go to the library on the app.
  • Choose either a playlist or albums.
  • Create a playlist.
  • Select the playlist or album you want to download.
  • Click on the down arrow in a circle at the top of the playlist page. You can also click on the more option beside a song you would like to download and click on download on the drop down menu.

Follow the above-listed steps to download any songs from Spotify to your mobile device.

How to Download From Spotify on a Computer

If you use Spotify on a computer, you need to know how to download all your favorite songs online. It is very easy to download any song you want from Spotify on your computer. There is a very easy step given to do this, and below are the steps to follow.

  • On your computer, visit the Spotify app or website.
  • Create a playlist.
  • Choose the playlist or album you want to download.
  • Click on the download icon at the top of the page to get the playlist, or click on the more option and select download.

Now you can listen to music on Spotify offline without an internet connection. For every other song, playlist, or album you will like to download and listen offline. As long as you follow these steps correctly every time you want to download, getting any song you want will not be an issue at all.


Can I Download Songs on Spotify for Free?

Unfortunately, you cannot download songs on Spotify for free. On the free version, you can only download podcasts. You need to upgrade to the premium version on Spotify. When you do that, you get to download any song in your Spotify library.

Where Are Downloads Saved on Spotify?

After you have downloaded songs on Spotify, they are saved in your Spotify library. It is not saved on your phone; instead, you will need to go to the library on your Spotify app to find the song you have downloaded. Without doing that, you cannot find your downloads.

Why is There No Download Button on Spotify?

This is most likely due to the fact that you use the free version. If you do not make use of the premium version, the download button will not be available for you unless you want to download a podcast. To find the download button, you need to go to the premium version.

Do I Need Internet Connection to Stream Downloads on Spotify?

We all know that you can’t stream on Spotify without your data connection, but with downloads, this is different.

As long as you have downloaded a song on Spotify, you do not need to turn on your internet connection to stream downloads. Anytime you want, you can visit your library and stream these downloads.

What Happens When I Download From Spotify?

When you download a music or playlist from Spotify, you get a chance to listen to it offline. You will not have to turn on your internet connection each time you want to it.

Instead, you get to listen to songs on the go from anywhere you want. You just need to head to your Spotify app and then your library to stream the best.

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