How to Delete WhatsApp Messages

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WhatsApp is an app used by everyone worldwide. It has features that make communication with family and friends fun. Also, it comes in different types, which are business and normal WhatsApp. Sometimes, you need to know how to delete WhatsApp messages because it can come in handy at any time.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages

It is not always necessary to delete messages on WhatsApp. In a case where you need to delete a message on WhatsApp, knowing how to delete WhatsApp messages will help you get out of the situation you are in. As long as you are able to follow up on the process, you can carry it out whenever it is needed.

How Does Deleting WhatsApp Messages Work?

For example, you mistakenly send a message you don’t want to send to someone, and you need to delete this message. Using a feature on WhatsApp, you can easily delete any message. Just by selecting the chat or the person you want to delete a message from, you can select the message and delete it after that.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages

There are two basic ways to delete messages on WhatsApp. You can either delete the message for yourself alone or for everyone, i.e., you and the receiver of the message. If you ever send the wrong message to someone, you can select any of the methods stated below to delete it.

Delete for Me

  • Go to your WhatsApp app.
  • Identify the chat where you want to delete a message.
  • Click on the chat.
  • Press and hold the message (you can do this for multiple messages at a time).
  • Click on the delete icon at the top of the page.
  • On the options given, click on “Delete for me.”

Delete for Everyone

  • From your WhatsApp homepage, locate the chat you wish to delete a message from.
  • Select the chat.
  • Press and hold the message until it has been selected (select other messages just like that if it’s more than one).
  • Tap the delete icon at the top of the page.
  • On the popup menu, click on “Delete for Everyone.”

After you have done that, your message will be deleted automatically. Either way you choose, there are two ways to delete messages on WhatsApp.

Can I Delete WhatsApp Message for Everyone?

Yes, you can delete a message you sent by mistake, for both you and the receiver. Just by using the feature given, you can easily delete this message, and the person it was sent to will have no clue what was sent.

Can I Delete WhatsApp Message for Everyone After a Long Time?

After a long time, if you fail to delete a message, you cannot delete it for everyone anymore instead of just yourself. This is because your WhatsApp “delete for everyone” is set that way.

The only way to change the settings of your phone’s time and date on your device is to use the “Delete for Me” feature instead. Below are the steps to change your settings to delete messages for everyone, depending on your type of phone.

On iPhone

  • On your WhatsApp, take note of the date and time of the message.
  • Turn off your mobile data to begin the process.
  • Visit your phone’s settings app.
  • Go to date and time on the settings list.
  • Change the date and time to those of the message you want to delete.
  • Now go back to your WhatsApp and delete the message for everyone.

On Android

  • Keep in mind the date and time of the message you wish to delete.
  • Turn off your internet connection.
  • Go to your settings app.
  • Select date and time.
  • Change it to that of the message.
  • Then go back to WhatsApp and delete the message.

Ensure you set your date and time back to normal so you can use WhatsApp without complications. Then turn on your mobile data for the process to be completed. Through this means, you can delete any message for everyone on WhatsApp you want, no matter how old it is.

Is it Possible to Recover Messages I Deleted for Everyone?

Unfortunately, it is quite impossible to recover deleted messages for everyone on WhatsApp. Once you have deleted a message, both you and the receiver will lose access to the message unless you send it again. To avoid this, you need to confirm that you want to delete the message before carrying it out.

How Can I Delete All My WhatsApp Messages Fast?

To do this, you need to delete them directly from your chat list instead of deleting them one by one on every chat. This step is very easy and fast to do. All you need to do is first have in mind what message you would like to delete on your WhatsApp and follow the below steps to complete it.

  • From your chat list on the WhatsApp homepage, identify the chat whose message you want to delete.
  • Press and hold the chat button.
  • After it has been selected, click on the delete icon at the top of the page.
  • Confirm if you want every piece of media you received from the chat to be deleted.
  • Finally, click on “Delete Chat.

Through this process, every message you have ever received from that chat will be wiped out, and the chat will officially become new. However, another way to delete messages very quickly is through your WhatsApp settings. You need to go to chats, then chat history, and finally click on clear all chats or delete all chats. However, keep in mind that you cannot select one chat through this method; instead, you will have to clear all your chats.

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