How To Create Instagram Stories

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Instead of posting every day, do you know that you can share your day and how it went through creating your Instagram stories, which will last for just 24 hours? Now how do you create these Instagram stories? The process is a very simple one.

How To Create Instagram Stories
How To Create Instagram Stories

Creating Instagram stories enables you as a user to share videos and photos which are only visible to your followers on your account. But keep in mind that the only way you can create Instagram stories is when you have an Instagram account. And you can only see the story of the account you follow, and the user would see if you viewed their story.

Instagram is where a lot of us love to share our ideas, day-to-day activities, pictures, videos, and all. It is also where a lot of us love to visit to see what is happening around us, get the latest gist, and also make our business public.

And a lot of us consider it weird to post every minute of every day. People might even get tired of liking and commenting. But you can make that post your story, only visible to your friends and followers for just 24 hours. and no one has to comment publicly on it. If they liked it, they would react to it in your DM. Posting on stories is usually fun. So, let’s see how to go about that below.

How to Create Your Instagram Stories

Creating your Instagram stories is very easy to do. And as mentioned earlier, it helps you share how your day went every day without you having to post it normally every day. Moreover, only your followers can see your story.

But if you are a new Instagram user and you are finding it difficult to use this feature, it is okay. You need not worry about anything as steps on how to will be listed for you right here in this article. Just ensure you have an internet connection and an active account. Then follow the steps below.

  • If you use the app on your device, click on the plus icon.
  • Or you can swipe left anywhere on your newsfeed.
  • If you swiped, below the page, locate and click on “story.”
  • Make a video of yourself or click on the image icon to select what you want to post.
  • After selecting, choose to send your story or your close friends.
  • Then click on the “send” icon.

After you have posted your story, your followers can now watch your stories. You can use these steps to add and share as many photos and videos of yourself or your day or anything you would want others to see whenever you want. You can also highlight a story or save it for it to appear on your profile page. How do you do that? Read further to know.

How to Highlight Your Instagram Story

You know, a posted story only lasts for 24 hours. But you can make it last on your profile for as long as you want. Though, people might not see it as your story. But when they visit your page, it is going to be there instead of disappearing.

That is the work of the highlight feature. Highlight enables you to save your Instagram story permanently on your profile page. They are like collections that any of your followers or non-followers that visit your page can tap and watch whenever they want to. Here’s how to highlight your story below:

  • After posting your Instagram story with the above-listed steps,
  • You can highlight it immediately by tapping on your profile icon on the homepage to view your story.
  • Then tap on the highlight button.
  • If you have highlighted a story before, you can add it to the one you have highlighted before.
  • Or you can also create a new one.
  • Create a highlight for yourself.
  • Tap on the add button.

With that, you have successfully added your story to your profile for others that visit your profile to view it anytime till you remove it. You can do this anytime you want to save your favorite story to your profile for free.

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