How to Connect a MacBook to a TV

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It will be very amazing and nice to connect your MacBook to TV for better streaming and gaming. In recent times, a lot of people love watching movies and TV shows on streaming services. If you are watching via HBO max, chances are your TV is going to offer you the best viewing experience. Connecting your Macbook to a TV gives you access to the world on a bigger screen.

How to Connect a MacBook to a TV

It also makes work and gaming more enjoyable and productive. As a movie lover, if you connect a MacBook to the TV, it gives you premium enjoyment non-stop. There are many ways to connect a MacBook to a TV. And also, it is very simple as connecting one part of a cable to your Macbook computer and the other end to your TV.

However, it can also be complicated depending on how you connect the Macbook. For more easy process, just make use of the connection process you know how to the best. In this article, we’ll be showing you two easy ways how to connect a Macbook to a TV. To know them, just follow this article to the very end.

How to Connect a MacBook to a TV Wirelessly

The first way is how to wirelessly connect a MacBook to a TV. The process is very easy and it does not require much. Check the steps below;

  • Open your macbook, go to Settings > Display
  • Choose the dropdown for the option for Airplay Display.
  • Select the device or Smart TV you like to use as display for your MacBook
  • Once the connection is done, you will have a small window show on your smart TV. If you want to use your Television as a second display for your Macbook. Click on Gather window on your Macbook screen to gather all your windows together. You can now use your TV as second monitor.
  • However, if you want to mirror your Macbook screen to your TV, click on Arrangement’’ on your Display settings and select Mirror display

Once you are done and you want to disconnect the monitor just open Screen Mirroring. Click on the name of your TV and end the connection.

How to Connect a MacBook to a TV With a Cable

If you own an old model TV or MacBook that does not have Airplay, you can make use of a cable to connect to MacBook. The type of cable to use depends on the model of the MacBook and the connection of the computer.

You might also have selected between the cables that connect from MacBook to your Television. For example, you may choose an HDMI cable or Thunderbolt. Just choose the one that connects well.

Once it is connected, you will need to go to settings > display to check and adjust the settings to get a better picture. The best part of this cable connects to your TV is that once you set it up, you can close your Macbook.  And continue to make use of it as a wireless keyboard and mouse and your TV as a monitor.

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