How to Clear Instagram Cache

Is your phone running low on space or are you having issues loading some pages on your Instagram because it’s slow? You can clear your Instagram cache if it would help you at least a bit. Your Instagram Cache helps to store data about pictures so later when you want to load them, they can load faster.

How to Clear Instagram Cache
How to Clear Instagram Cache

And as expected, over time, your Instagram cache can grow large. There are two ways in which you can clear your Instagram cache. Those two ways will be made known to you before the end of this article.

Instagram, as we all know, is a social media platform that we visit at least every day of our lives to stay updated, chat with our friends, check our favorite celebrities’ latest posts, and also do our business.

And while going through the platform, we open one or two or even more pictures, which are saved to the Instagram cache for web users to be able to load those pictures and images easily the next time we want to use them.

But sometimes, something can occur that makes us want to clear our IG cache. Some of the reasons could be space, the app running slowly, or the cache is too full. Well, I’d like you to know that that is very easy.

Does Clearing My Instagram Cache Affect My Personal Data?

No, it doesn’t. It only removes temporary files and does not affect any of your data on the platform. Once you clear your cache, you will still have your messages, images, posts, and files that were on the account before you cleared your cache.

Therefore, you should only worry about nothing when you want to free up space on your device by clearing your Instagram cache.

How to Clear Instagram Cache

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways in which you can clear your Instagram cache. But these two ways depending on your device. However, as an iPhone device user, you can clear it by uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.

As an Android device user, you can clear your Instagram cache without having to uninstall the app. Here’s how to clear your Instagram cache on your device below:

On iPhone

  • Turn on your phone.
  • Long press the Instagram icon.
  • Scroll down and click on the “Remove app button.”
  • The app will then be uninstalled.
  • Then you can re-install the app to use it.

On Android

  • Turn on your device.
  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Locate and click on “Storage.”
  • In the app storage section, locate and click on Instagram.
  • You will be redirected to the Instagram storage page.
  • Then locate and click on the clear cache button.
  • You have successfully cleared your Instagram cache.

When you do this, trust me, it won’t have any effect on your Instagram account. Neither would it affect your data so there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Clear your Instagram cache and free up space if you feel the app is running slowly.

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