How to Activate a Credit Card

How do I activate my credit card? This is a common question people ask and need answers to. It is very easy to activate a credit card. There are so many ways to activate your credit card and these ways are very easy to follow.

How to Activate a Credit Card

Activating a credit card is very compulsory to do but it can be very hard to do. This makes most people lose interest in using or activating their credit card. For security reasons, a credit card needs to be activated to be able to use it.

But the activation of a credit card does not affect the account i.e. The account will still be active with or without activating your credit card. Thus, activation of your account prevents scammers from stealing your credit card and being able to access your account through it. This is a reason for people to activate their credit card to prevent scammers.

You can activate your credit card online or at your bank. You can activate all your credit cards easily for free on some platforms while some require you to pay to be able to do so. However, irrespective of the platform, you will still be able to activate it,

How to Activate My Credit Card Online

Nevertheless, it is compulsory to learn how to activate your credit card. When you are able to know how to activate your credit card, you will be able to do that for all your cards. Before now, I mentioned that you can do this online. You can activate your physical and digital credit card online from the bank app or website you use. However, the steps to follow are listed below, and just by following them, you are good to go.

  • Go to your bank’s mobile app or website
  • Login or sign up with your user ID and correct password
  • Click on “card activation”
  • Enter your credit card number and other information
  • Click on submit
  • Now add your ATM PIN
  • Tap submit
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile number
  • Enter the OTP sent to you
  • Click on continue

You have officially activated your credit card online. Once you do this, you will not only be able to keep your account safe but also handle all your bank transactions.

Why Do I Need to Activate a Credit Card?

As mentioned earlier, it is compulsory to activate a credit card. It keeps your account safe and secure from scammers because an inactivated credit card can be activated by these scammers. With that, they can access your account. Contrarily, your account is opened and active without you activating your credit card. But it is still needed for you to do so.

However, to be able to get a physical credit card, you will need to visit your bank with complete details for security reasons though. Sincerely, when you activate your credit card, all your bank transactions will be made easy. Your credit card can be physical or digital. But irrespective of the kind of credit card, all your transactions will be easy to do.

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