Happy Lunar New Year – What is it And How is it Celebrated

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It might be a little bit surprising to find out that some Asian countries are yet to say Happy Lunar New year to one another approximately after a month some countries of the world celebrated their New year. Wondering why? What is Lunar? Why is it so? Then you are just at the right site to your answers given to you in a very cognitive way.

Happy Lunar New Year - What is it And How is it Celebrated

Yes! By February 1, 2022, China and some other Asian countries would be celebrating the Lunar Year! They do this by saying to one another “Xin Nian Kuai Le” which simply means to say “Happy New Year”.  Perhaps you are Chinese or from any of the celebrating countries, this is me saying…. Happy Lunar Year FAM!

The Lunar New Year which is also the Chinese New Year starts with the rising of the “second new moon” (by December 21st) after the winter solstice. This is considered to be the most celebrated date in China as over a billion people will dine, wine and feast with relatives, watch a lot of amusing shows displayed in the communities and also pray for good fortune in the year ahead altogether.

The Lunar year is also called the “Spring Festival”. As I stated earlier, it is celebrated by Chinese communities across the world. During this period, the festivities usher out the previous year and are expected to bring in good lucks and prosperity in the new coming year.

What Does Lunar Mean?

The word lunar is gotten from a Latin word called LUNA which means ‘moon’. Later, it was called LUNARIS but now it is called LUNAR (Current middle English). So we could say that Happy New Lunar Year is translated as Happy New Moon Year. This is for a better understanding. For the Chinese communities, it is definitely a time of merriment as families would be seen celebrating with all of the joy they’ve got in them. More like the victory expressed after a cross-over in some other countries.

There are family banquets and outdoor spectacles featuring fireworks, firecrackers and mostly dragon dance, also tiger dances are seen. The most celebrated days in this period are New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Over a million people would travel across China from far and near distances to celebrate and be celebrated by loved ones. At this time, so many families who had traveled to other countries get to travel back to see their relatives they might have not have been able to see through the previous year.

What Happens At Happy Lunar Year celebrations?

Most of the things that happen have been slightly added to the text above, but let’s get a bit deeper into the happenings of the lunar year days. At such celebrations, families do not just come together just for the sake of coming together. Also, they express their love towards one another by putting a smile on each other’s face either by gifting out materials, resources, or in kind.

They even go as far as giving gifts to the less privileged in the society. They also decorate their homes and houses with red paints and colors for the belief that the color red is the color for good luck. Their children and young adults who are single are been given money in a bright red envelope.

Wish you were Chinese? Well, that could be a good wish, cause who knows what you might be receiving by tomorrow! Peradventure you’ve got a Chinese friend, don’t forget to text, call and wish them a HAPPY LUNAR YEAR! By tomorrow,1st February 2022.

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