Hairstyles for Ladies with Attachment

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What are the best Hairstyles for Ladies with Attachment? Get to know them by reading through this article as we have a list of nice ideas for you. Hair styling is known to be one of the most important aspects of grooming as a lady.  Besides, it is no longer news that every lady wants to look stunning and charming rather than look awkward. So, in order to look good, it is normal to want to carry pretty hairstyles. Moreover, hair styling is more like a means of expressing your personality.

Hairstyles for Ladies with Attachment

If you have already bought your attachment, or if you feel like the next hairstyle you should carry should be made with attachments. Then I am sure you must be thinking about what hairstyle would look very pretty on you. Well, fret not as here we have a list of suggestions for you on different Hairstyles for ladies with attachments. All you just need to do is sit back and read through our long list of unique ideas to make you look beautiful.

Popular Hairstyles for Ladies with Attachment in Nigeria

Attachment is one of the main materials that assist in achieving many pretty hairstyles we have today. So, if you have attachments how and you do not know to what use you should put them. I suggest you check out this list of hairstyles below and look good at any event.

Pick and Drop

Pick and drop is a technique employed to achieve a wavy appearance without resorting to the use of weaves. This method involves creating miniature box braids, with the distinction that the braiding process is not carried out entirely. Instead, the pick-and-drop technique entails braiding halfway and then discontinuing. Allowing the remaining portion of the hair to remain unbraided, resulting in a distinctive wavy aesthetic.

Crochet Braids

This hairstyle has been a prominent choice in Nigeria for approximately four (4) to five (5) years, consistently maintaining its popularity. Crochet braids have garnered attention due to their time-efficient and convenient nature. Creating crochet braids is notably straightforward, requiring minimal effort. To achieve a polished and expertly crafted crochet braid appearance, a crucial tool is the crochet latch hook. This specialized tool serves the purpose of affixing the crochet attachment onto the foundational base, facilitating the overall process.

Hairstyles for Ladies with Attachment – Ultra Curly Hair

The ultra-curly hairstyle, originating in Nigeria, involves the use of hair attachments to achieve its distinctive look. This hairstyle has gained widespread popularity due to its versatility and transformative effects on one’s appearance. Creating the ultra-curly hairstyle involves attaching extensions near the scalp. And utilizing the upper portion to form a bun, resulting in a voluminous and eye-catching distribution of curls.

Jumbo Braids

The jumbo braid is a popular Nigerian hairstyle known for its simplicity and convenience in crafting. Notably, it requires less time to complete due to its larger-sized box braids. Jumbo braids, being approximately two (2) to three (3) times larger than regular box braids, offer a distinctive visual appeal and ease of styling.

Different Braid Sizes

The varied braid sizing is a notable Nigerian hairstyle, much like the renowned Fulani braids. Both the larger-sized and smaller-sized cornrows have gained significant recognition. This particular hairstyle has not only been embraced by Nigerian women but also by women from different countries who share an appreciation for fine aesthetics.

Hairstyles for Ladies with Attachment – Curled Braids or Twists

The curled braid or twist is a prevailing Nigerian hairstyle achieved through the use of attachments, currently making waves in the trend scene. This style involves the process of braiding or twisting, followed by band-tuning the strands, and finally immersing them in hot water to attain the distinctive curled effect. This method offers an appealing way to infuse novelty into your classic box braids, resulting in a fresh appearance. It’s a versatile choice, whether you choose to incorporate waves for an updated look or embrace it as an everyday hairstyle.

Beyonce’s “Say Yes” Style

The Beyoncé “Say Yes” style is a Nigerian hairstyle characterized by its side-facing orientation. It’s also commonly referred to as the side feed-in braids, a style notably favored by the pop icon Beyoncé. This particular hairstyle gained prominence when she showcased it while performing alongside her former bandmate Michelle Williams in a music video. Since then, it has become a highly favored choice among Nigerian women and ladies, particularly due to its attachment-enhanced appearance.

Hairstyles for Ladies with Attachment – Sleek Ponytail Braids

The sleek ponytail braids offer a remarkable way to elevate the classic high bun by incorporating a single attachment braid. Opting to utilize kanekalon hair without trimming it replicates the effect of uncut box braids, resulting in an extended length that accentuates thickness for the ultimate appearance. To achieve this look, begin by applying a gel to sleek down your natural hair and securing it into a bun. Following this, proceed to braid the attachment around the bun until reaching the end, creating a chic and sophisticated outcome.

Faux Locs

Creating faux locs demands a considerable amount of patience, a quality that not all ladies possess. However, the end result is undeniably captivating. This hairstyle serves as a viable option for individuals who admire the appearance of dreadlocks but are not inclined towards committing to permanent hair locking. Faux locs, in contrast, offer a non-permanent solution, involving the wrapping of attachment braid hair around sections of natural hair to achieve a convincing loc-like appearance.

A diverse array of attachment hairstyles is available for ladies and women to explore. Among the widely recognized choices are the half up and half down style, pick and drop, crochet braids, ultra curly hair, jumbo braids, various braid styles, curled braid or twist, the Beyoncé “Say Yes” style, sleek ponytail braids, and faux locs.

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