Google Fit – Achieve Your Fitness Goals | Google Fit App

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Have you heard of Google Fit? If you haven’t then, I think you need to read this article to the end, as I will be educating you on Google Fitness. What is Google Fit? This is the perfect answer to all Apple Health App. It is a health-tracking platform that was created by Google for Android users, Wear OS, and Apple inc’s iOS. Google Fit tracks activities like walking, biking, and running. It makes use of the sensor built into your device to automatically track all your workout/Fitness activities.

Google Fit - Achieve Your Fitness Goals | Google Fit App

Furthermore, Google Fit enables you to track and monitor your Weight loss progress and fitness goals. You can use it to track your daily, weekly, or monthly fitness plan and it will provide you with a comprehensive view of your fitness. The google fitness tracker can be downloaded for free on your android device. Also, it comes preloaded on android wear watches. However, for the Google Fit watch, you can access it through the Google Website. Google Fitbit also works/Connects with Mi fit google fit, Garmin Google fit and Strava Google fit, etc. to make your fitness plan more effective. You can, therefore, check out the Google fit brand to buy any of their available product. Meanwhile, keep reading to get more acquisition of the Google Fitbit.

About the Google Fit App

The Google Fit App as stated earlier is available for free download on your mobile phone. It doesn’t require you to pay a dime before gaining access to the App. The Google Fitness app on your mobile will not only track your fitness but will also help to give you a healthier and more active life. For individuals, who want to monitor their heart can do that will the use of the App. Also, Google Fitness allows you to connect with all favorite apps and devices and also gives you a view of your Health. You can also make use of the Google Fitness App anytime from anywhere. It provides you with a snapshot of your activity history in the redesigned journal.

How to Download the Google Fit App

Meanwhile, downloading the Google Fitness app on your mobile device is free and easy to go about. Below are steps to take to download the App:

  • Go to your Play Store or App Store on your device
  • Using the Search box, search for the “Google Fit-Fitness Tracker”
  • Then, when found click on install or Get
  • After that, you need to agree to Google Terms of Service and click on” Next”

 Then, finally, Grant Google Fitness the permission to access your activity information and location history. Now you can set your goals, make it personal, add an activity, view your data and connect with all apps on your device. However, if you no longer find the app useful you can delete your data from Google Fitness by going to the setting and clicking on the Delete History. And all your Google Fitness data will automatically be deleted

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