Google Chat – Connect And Collaborate Together With Your Group | Google Chat App

What is a Google Chat? What is it used for? There are lots of people who do not know about this service or should I say platform. Well in recent times, Google Chat has become very popular because of how useful it is and how people make use of it. Most importantly it helps business owners and even companies. Google chat is a safe communication tool made to provide easy business communication within Google workspace. With the help of this service, teams come together via text, build collaborative chat rooms, distribute documents, give presentations and even establish online conferences.

Google Chat - Connect And Collaborate Together With Your Group | Google Chat App

Google chat is not only for talking to people you know. It is a great place to chat with your mobile apps. They can help you find your flights, book meeting, check your dates, request time off and so many more. You can message a person or group in Gchat the same you do on hangout but with more upgraded features. This service is available in your Gmail. You can also make use of it on the web browser and on mobile with apps for android, desktop. Google Chat does not require much charge to operate. Note that to make use of Gchat make sure it is turned on, and then you can also open the hangout tab on your Gmail inbox. Also, note that to make use of the Google chat you need a Google account.

How To Use Google Chat in Gmail

Using Google Chat on Google mail is very easy. You do not know how? Check the steps below, they will help you on how you can start using the Gchat in your Gmail on your Android.

  • Open the Gmail on your android
  • Click three line menu icon on the top left corner of your screen
  • And the setting option at the bottom of the menu next to the gear icon
  • Tap on the check the box next to ‘chat’.

The checked box indicates that the Gchat is available in your Gmail account and you will see the chat and tabs near the end of your screen. If Google chat is active, then you can tap these tabs to move between conversations in chat and your email. However, if it is turned off you can make use of the Gchat app to see your messages.

Google Chat App

Google Chat is available for download on Google Play and App Store. All you just need to do is download the app and make use of it for your business chat. You don’t know how to download it? Do not panic, the below is how you can.

  • Open your respective mobile App Store
  • Uisng the search bar, search for Google Chat
  • Click on ”Install” or ”Get”

Very easy to do and you do not need to worry about the charges because it is free to download. After the download process, you can now make use of it for your business chats. And to do that you just have to sign in to your Google account to send and receive messages.

Can I Call On Google Chat?

Unfortunately, Google Chat does not have a video call feature. As the name implies, you can only chat and collaborate with people. Thus, if you are looking for a Google product that allows you to video call, you should Google Meet and disregard any information that tells you that you can make a video call on Google Chat.

Is Google Chat Safe?

How secure is Google chat? Google chat makes use of the transport layer security to protect messages as they are transported from one place to another. The Google chart is very safe to use for school and business, both for the students and the teachers. Download the app today or visit your Gmail and make use of Gchat for your business.

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