Gmail Sign Out – How Sign Out of Gmail | Gmail Logout

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Over the years people have been Finding It difficult on how to sign out of their Gmail Account. Now the question is How can users sign out of Gmail? Gmail sign out is a platform on the Gmail page that helps users keep their account safe and secured. In this article we’ll tell you the benefit of Gmail Logout and how you can Logout of Gmail.

Gmail Sign Out - How Sign Out of Gmail | Gmail Logout

It is so unfortunate that a lot of people after logging in their Gmail account forget to sign out their Gmail after they are done with their activity on Gmail. Especially those who login on a public shared device. Despite the fact that Google allows you to be automatically logged in after logging in your account. It is still advisable to logout of Gmail after you are done with activity on Gmail. It is also important for you to Log out of Gmail when you want to give your phone to another user.

Benefit of Singing Out of Gmail

When you sign out of Gmail you have automatically logged out on all Google products like Google play, Google plus, Google chrome and other Google products.

When you don’t Log out of Gmail your account your account is at risk. It exposes your account to certain attacks like your account being hacked. It also gives other users unauthorized and illegal access to your account. And exposing your personal information like your private messages, drive folders, calendar and other personal information to them. Signing out of Gmail is very important to every Gmail users.

The Gmail sign out is a feature on the Gmail page that keeps you automatically logged out whenever you are done with your activity on Gmail. Security is one of the things that Google is trying to improve on their email service. Signing out of Gmail from your phone or computer does not delete your account from the Gmail platform. You can still login on other devices.

How to Sign Out of Gmail

Signing out of Gmail helps to keep your secured. It also prevents other users of Gmail from having access into your account. Depending on whatever device you use Gmail on, you can sign out of Gmail or remove you Google account. Here are some steps for you to follow to sign out of Gmail.

  1. Go to the Gmail App on in your mobile browser.
  2. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner.
  3. Lastly click sign out to sign out your account from the device.

Having done this, you have signed out of Gmail. However, signing out of Gmail does not delete your account. It is just to remove your account from the device.

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