Get Paid On Facebook Gaming Live Stream – How to get Paid From Facebook to go Live

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Facebook is also giving gamers another way to Get Paid On Facebook Gaming Live Stream platform. These means that if you are a Facebook user and if you are washing Facebook gaming live stream videos that you really enjoy, you will now be able to send them money, actual money through Facebook platform as a token of their appreciation. This idea of building up Facebook reputation in a place for gamers and game is a good one for everyone.

Get Paid On Facebook Gaming Live Stream - How to get Paid From Facebook to go Live

I know that Facebook is not going to pay gamers forever but Facebook is only using these paid deals to get things rolling, but the truth is that, I really want to be in part of these invent. Some people ask question like these how users can become streamer on Facebook. To become streamer of Facebook, let simply look out the area on how to become a Facebook gaming live screamer.

Way To Get Paid On Facebook Gaming Live Stream

Are you looking for a way in other to make your earn money on Facebook gamin live stream? The question I ask my self is that if a know that it will be one day be possible to make my income by letting others watch my game right now by now you will be enjoying a rocky style montage of my training by now I should have be the best gamer in the cut the story short, let me quickly tell you on now to make money on Facebook gaming live stream.

  • First ask for donation; you most add a donation as soon as you sign up to stream
  • Collect bits; when a viewer like something you did on your game, the viewer can type cheerxx into your chat bar on your channel where xx is the number of bits they want to gift.
  • Collect subscribers: form each subscriber you gain, twitch will paid you about $2.50 per month.
  • Earn ad revenue: you will start earning ad revenue if you register as twitch partner and started gaining subscribers.

I will love to teach you more on way to get paid on Facebook gaming live stream but because of time, I we leave you with these but that don’t mean that you shouldn’t stay connected because, you have all the packages you needed to know to stay on this platform.

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