Food with High Calories in Nigeria

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Food with High Calories – The journey to weight gain can be a rocky road because it is not so easy. There aren’t too many options for high-calorie foods in Nigerian either; however, this guide has come to your rescue because I will draft a list of some of the best Nigerian food with high calories. These Nigerian foods are very common and you don’t have to break the bank because of your weight gain journey.

Food with High Calories in Nigeria

As an adult it is required that you take meals that contain high calories and every adult should have at least 2000 kcal per day. This is equal to five meals. If you want to know how many calories are inside the food you take, then I suggest that you read through this blog post.

Food with High Calories in Nigeria

There are lots of common foods in Nigeria that contains high calories. These foods can easily lead to weight gain and they include:

White Bread

This is a common food choice among Nigerians and it is made from flour. Bread can be eaten with akara, beans, and moi-moi. This Nigerian food has high calories and it weighs about 100 grams which contains 265 calories. Bread is made from flour and it can be used to make any kind of pastry. The flour used to make bread has high calories.


Meat is known to have high calories and it is one ideal protein food that has enough calories for the daily consumption of calories. Most of the meats sold in Nigeria have high calories. For instance, 100 grams of pork has up to 300 calories.

Food with High Calories in Nigeria – Beans

This is another food that has a high amount of calories. Bean is a rich source of plant protein and it is also rich in carbohydrates. In addition, it is a good source of energy. A 100g of beans could have 300 calories.


This is a starchy stable that can be found in almost all parts of Nigeria. It is very rich in carbohydrates and it also has a high amount of calories. You can eat yam in different ways either by frying or pounding or even boiling.  If you serve a boiled yam of 136g it will have up to 158 calories.


This is a dish that is made from beans. To make moi-moi, you have to blend the beans until it is smooth and add other ingredients to it to make it better, you can add boiled egg or fish. This dish has more calories than regular beans.

Food with High Calories in Nigeria Mayonnaise

This is a creamy sauce that is used in dressing coleslaw or salads. It is widely consumed in the country and it is made with eggs and is rich in fatty acids, minerals and proteins, and vitamins. Mayonnaise is a calorie-dense food ingredient and in about 100 grams it has about 680 calories.


This is one popular food in Nigeria that is also calorie-dense. This is the type of sandwich that is made with roasted meat and it is shaved off a rotating spit. One shawarma contains about 1000 calories. However, the calories in the shawarma depend on the ingredients inside the shawarma.


Swallows are one of the most famous foods in Nigeria and they include amala, semolina, eba, and fufu. These staple foods are rich in calories, and carbs and they also have high calories.


White rice is also among the list of popular foods in Nigeria. It is also high in calories. Although it does not have the things that are brown it is high in calories.


Avocados are one food that is known to have high calories. This fruit has almost 20 vitamins and minerals in one serving. An avocado has about 322 calories, 29 grams of fat, 4 gram of protein, and 17 grams of carbohydrates.

These are the list of foods with high calories in Nigeria. If you want to gain weight, you can consider any of the food on the list.

Table of Food with High Calories in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are lots of dishes that have a high calorie and you can easily get them around. Even if you are looking to stay fit you need to know the amount of calories that is present in your food. This is why the table below will show you the amount of calories present in each Nigerian food.

Baked Beans239
Brown Beans379
Beans White249
Chicken Drumsticks211
Chicken Thighs239
Cooked Starch500
Corned beef213
Egg (fried)90
Green Peas118
Ice Cream137
Orange Juice111
Peanut butter188
Pounded yam400
Soy beans446
Sweet Potato112
Tuwo Masara450
Wheat Flour445
White wine205

The table above shows the perfect example of foods in Nigeria and how many calories they each contain.  The table above contains Nigerian foods that are calorie-dense.

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