Foobar2000 – Download Foobar for Windows and Mac

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There is no doubt, that there are various audio players in the internet today. And, so it is perfectly normal to be confuse on which and which not to go for. Well, I got the right recommendation for you in today’s write up. You might have heard of Foobar200, well that not the real name though but how people search for it. The audio player is actually called Foobar2000.So, what is Foobar2000 therefore? This is a versatile freeware audio player, that support a wide range of formats. And can also, be used on your iOS, Android and Microsoft windows.

Foobar2000 - Download Foobar for Windows and Mac

Foobar2000 is really flexible and convenient to use on any of your desired devices. The media player is very popular, due to the fact that it can handle a lot of content without difficulty. Additionally, it has a high customize user interface, Seamless Playback, advanced tagging capabilities, and much more. However, the Foobar2000 download isn’t a good option for inexperienced users. As a startup user, you might find it a little difficult to use the App. Notwithstanding, you will really enjoy it if you’re able to catch up quickly with the App.

Features of Foobar

Foobar has earlier stated, is really popular among many netizens due to its amazing features. The media player is one of the best and here are some of the features:

  • The audio player supports a wide range of audio formats. Such as Mp3, Mp4, AAC, CD Audio, FLAC, WAV, WAVPack, Musepack, WMA and so much more.
  •  Foobar has a customizable user interface layout. This feature, allows its users to change their overall windows, add, or remove UI elements and so much more easily.
  • It supports Gapless playbacks.
  • The audio player also enables advanced tagging capabilities
  • It has a great sound option
  • Customizable Keyboard shortcut
  • It also supports ripping of Audio CDs 

Aside from the Up listed features, another rare feature of the Foobar2000 download is its File converter. Most people prefer their music file in a specific format, with the software you can do this. To convert your music file, just the file you want to convert and right-click them. Then, click convert. However, you can make use of either the default or last used settings. Meanwhile, transcoding of all supported audio formats is possible through the converter component.

Foobar2000 Download

In this part of the article, we will be looking at the Foobar Download. Meanwhile, the Foobar2000 can be downloaded on your iOS, Android and Windows. The process is really simple, to go about, check the outlines below.

Foobar2000 download for Android

To download the Foobar200 app on your android device, here are the steps and guidelines to follow:

  • Locate your Google play store on your device
  • Search for Foobar2000 using the search box’
  • Click on Install app

Then, Launch and grant the app permission on your android device. Now you can start enjoying the all the unique features of the app

Foobar200 Download for iOS

To download the App on your iOS device, below are the Steps to follow:

  • Go to your Apple play store
  • Search for Foobar 2000
  • Tap on ”Get

Finally, procced to launch the downloaded App on your device. Also, don’t forget to grant the app permission, so as to function on your iOS device.

Foobar Download for Windows

Meanwhile, for windows users that want to download Foobar2000. The app has different versions for windows, such as the latest beta version, latest stable version etc. However, you can also download Foobar on your window from Microsoft store. But it is compatible for only higher windows like the window 10 etc. Here are guidelines to follow:

  • Locate your Window web browser
  • Visit the official website
  • You will then, be redirected to the homepage. Select the Foobar version for windows, you want to download.

After, selecting your desired version link, the app will start downloading on your window. Now grant the app permission on your desktop. Don’t forget you can also download it from Microsoft Store.

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