Find My iPhone – How to Find My Lost iPhone

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If your iPhone got stolen or lost you must be wondering or asking How can I find my iPhone? Apple has made it possible that you can now locate your lost iPhone. If you lose your iPhone or you think your iPhone was stolen, follow these steps to help you find your iPhone and protect your information.

Find My iPhone - How to Find My Lost iPhone

If Find My Device Is Activated On Your Stolen or Missing Device

You can use the Find my app to look for your phone, it takes additional action to help you recover your device and also keep your information safe.

  • Firstly sign in to on the web or you can only use the Find my app on a friend Apple device.
  • Find your device by opening the find my app or go to and click Find iPhone. Then select a device to search its current location on a map, however, if the device is nearby it will play a sound to help you find it or someone close by find it.
  • Mark as lost will automatically lock your device with a code. You can also display a message with your phone number on your lost phone.
  • You can report your lost device to any local law enforcement, they will request for the serial number of your device i.e. find your device serial number.
  • To prevent anyone from accessing the data on your missing iPhone you can totally erase it. After erasing your iPhone, all your information will be deleted from the phone.
  • Report your stolen or your lost iPhone to your wireless carrier.
  • Then you can remove your lost or stolen iPhone from your list of trusted devices.

If you are using Family sharing, it means any member of your family can help you locate your device. You just have to sign in to icloud with their Apple ID details.

If Find My Device is Turned off on Your Missing iPhone.

If you forgot to turn on Find my device before your iPhone got lost or stolen then you can’t be able to locate your device using Find my device. But you can protect your data using the following steps:

  • First of all, change your iPhone Apple ID password; it will prevent anyone from accessing your ICloud data or any other services.
  • Then you can change the password of other internet accounts on your iPhone.
  • You can also report your lost phone to any local law enforcement which they might ask for your serial number and you will be able to provide it for easy process
  • Remove your stolen or lost iPhone from list of trusted devices.

Find my device is the best and only way you can track your missing iPhone. If find my device is turned off there is no other Apple phone that can help you track or find your iPhone.

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