FB Dating – How to Activate Facebook Dating | Dating on Facebook

Do you know that you can meet singles on one of the most used social media platforms known as Facebook? Facebook as we all know is a social media platform that is majorly used for connecting with friends, colleagues, or new people online. Then how do you find singles on it? There’s more to just making friends on Facebook as, as a single, you can find and meet a relationship partner. Facebook singles can be gotten on a platform which is known as FB Dating. Facebook Dating is an additional feature on the Facebook platform. It enables you to meet and find partners available on the social media platform.

FB Dating - How to Activate Facebook Dating | Dating on Facebook

However, Facebook Dating isn’t available on the web. It can only be found on the Facebook mobile app on your Android and iOS device. The social media dating site is a perfectly good dating platform that is 100% free for you. But the Facebook singles platform is limited to some countries and also limited to age. As you must have attained the age of 18 before you can sign up for the dating platform. Moreover, you need a Facebook account in order to sign up for the dating site. And keep in mind that deleting your Facebook account also deletes your FB dating.

Is Facebook Dating Safe?

Yes, FB Dating is totally safe. Definitely, there are always risks when using dating sites not just FB Dating alone. But almost all dating sites on the internet. But the rate of risks on Facebook Dating is less, compared to other free dating sites available on the internet.

How to Activate Your FB Dating Account

Facebook Dating is so unique that it combines together the best features of popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble together in one dating platform. However, in order to enjoy these features, you have to first process the FB dating sign-up. How do you go about that? Firstly, ensure you have a Facebook account. Then with that, you can now follow these steps below to sign up for Facebook dating to find a relationship partner;

  • Open your Facebook mobile app
  • Click on the menu button which is the three vertically arranged lines
  • Click on dating
  • Tap on the Get started link
  • Set up your dating profile by entering the information required of you

After you must have provided the necessary info required of you. Then your dating profile would be formed using your Facebook dating details. The dating platform would not reveal your dating profile to your friends who use the feature. So, there’s nothing to worry about when signing up for the dating platform.

How Facebook Dating Works

Using the Facebook dating site is actually very easy as it is just like several other dating sites. But the difference is that it is more advanced than them. However, if you are new to dating platforms like Facebook dating, here are easy steps by which you can follow to achieve that. Immediately you activate your account, FB dating would begin by recommending profiles and people you might like one at a time. So, therefore, you can either like or cancel.

  • Once a user profile is shown to you, if you like the user and would want to start a conversation with such person you can click on the heart on his/her profile. But if you want to cancel, you can click on the X icon to move to the next profile.
  • If your profile is liked, a notification would be sent to you and if you like the person too, you can like back their profile and send them a direct message to start a conversation
  • If you want to improve your match on the dating platform, you can scroll down to the button of your profile to click on the Answer a Question link to answer random questions.
  • You can also share and add your Instagram post to your profile page.

Aside from this, you can do a lot more on the Facebook dating site. So, activate your FB dating account to gain access to all the features the dating site has to offer. And to also discover a lot more on the site. Join other users to find love and re-write your love story using the Facebook dating site.