Facebook Videos – Upload Facebook Video | Videos on Facebook

Over time users can only share photos on facebook. Thanks to the new update that now allows users to upload facebook videos on their timeline.  Upload Facebook videos is one of the best trends on the internet today and many people are really captivated by it. Just like youtube, you can upload video content on Facebook this is not just a platform for pictures.

Facebook Videos - Upload Facebook Video | Videos on Facebook

The platform gives all users the ability to uploads video of any things they feel like posting on the platform. But the platform will not allow a user to post an abusive video as this is a social media platform. Facebook allows users to upload video clips to share it with the world. Though uploading videos is a simple thing to do.

But some users tend to encounter issues related to the limited video formats supported by Facebook. If you are not sure if the video you are trying to upload can be supported by Facebook. You can always convert it to MP4 format that is recommended for uploading your videos. To be able to do that, you should use a video converter.

How to Upload Facebook Video Using pc

Facebook video is one of the reasons the platform is making the number one spot on the list of top social media in the world. As Facebook expands, there are more options for sharing content with other users on the platform. And now, sharing videos is just as easy as sharing photos to the platform. You can share a video using a computer and even on a smartphone. follow these steps:

  • Visit the platform facebook.com on your device.
  • Click on the add photo/video box.
  • Then you will select the video you want to post on platform form your computer.
  • Then you will write anything you want to be involved in the video you posted.
  • Select who will see the video you posted.
  • Then click on the post box.

after following all the info given to you, you have successfully uploaded your video on the platform while using a PC.

How to upload Facebook videos using a smartphone

Facebook has given all users access to upload a video on the platform. there is a different type of video user can post, there is a funny video, short news of what happened in the society. even music video is allowed also on the platform, but they are some video that is not allowed on the platform because it might be abusive to society. Follow these steps;

Visit the web networking www.Facebook.com on your devices. Click on the photo at the top of the mobile news feed. Then you will click on the video you want to post on the platform. Click the blue pencil in the box icon at the button of the video preview. Click on the post box at the upper right corner of the Facebook page.

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