Facebook Timeline Feature – Facebook Timeline Private | Facebook Timeline Posts

Facebook is now arguably the most powerful social media and social network site out there. Facebook is a platform that people use to connect with their family, friends, work colleagues, and also use it to meet new people. Now what makes up your Facebook account is your Facebook timeline; it is where people use to reach you. However, the Facebook timeline can be seen as where you share your photos, post, and experiences on Facebook. In other words, your friends look up to you through your Facebook timeline, people around can see the things you post through your timeline. It consists of all activities of Facebook users; you can also check on your friend’s timeline to see what they share.

Facebook Timeline Feature - Facebook Timeline Private | Facebook Timeline Posts

With Facebook timeline you have access to do so many things, you can add a cover picture, edit your personal information, view your Facebook activity log, highlight posts and images, update your Facebook status, share Facebook app activity and add new life events to your Facebook profile. There are so many more things that users can do on the Facebook timeline. You can also post items for sale on your timeline for people to review it and buy.  You can control your Facebook timeline, who sees the things you post on your timeline in other to keep your Facebook profile private too.

How To Control Who Can See Your Posts On Your Facebook Timeline

If you want to restrict the number of people who see what you post on your timeline, all you need is to change it. And you may be wondering how do you do that? Don’t worry, if you want to control your timeline just follow these steps below:

  • Locate the drop-down arrow at the upper side of your account on desktop and if you are using phone locate the menu at the top right side.
  • Scroll down and tap on settings
  • Tap on timeline and tagging

Now you can control who sees your post by, taping on the who can see things on my timeline section, then tap on who can see what others post on your timeline? Then after that, you can select your preferences from the next page.

How to Use Timeline Review to Review Posts You Are Tagged Before They Appear on Your Facebook Timeline

Perhaps, your Facebook friend may tag you in his or her post with or without your awareness. Normally it automatically appears on your timeline and if you are not friends with the person, Facebook will notify you to review it to appear on your timeline. Which will help you to review the post and decide if it will show on your timeline or not? However, to turn on your timeline review or review your timeline review settings follow these steps:

  • Tap the menu icon at the top right of any Facebook page
  • Scroll down and tap on settings
  • Scroll down to privacy and tap timeline and tagging
  • Then tap on Review posts you’re tagged in before the post appears on your timeline?
  • Then tap on the switch to turn timeline review on or off

When you have done this, you will get notified about a post you are tagged in and then you can remove or add the post to your timeline.

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