Facebook Themes – Facebook Themes Skin Installtion

Variety they say is the spice of life. Doing the same thing over a period of time sometimes brings about boredom hence the need to tweak mode of operations from time to time to bring about freshness in what you do. Facebook Themes also known as Facebook style gallery is one of the ways toolsusers can employ to beautify their Facebook page or wall. Facebook themes are totally free and help a long way to add color and bring about a customized Facebook experience.

Facebook Themes - Facebook Themes Skin Installtion

The same way we have several themes we use to customize homepageon our mobile devices, Facebook themes also provides these same service toFacebook users. As mentioned earlier always going with the normal blue andwhite on Facebook can sometimes become boring so the need to tap into the Facebook theme service. With Facebook theme, users can decide to change the feel of their wall and homepage with other interesting colors and designs such thatwhen other users visit their page they will be impressed at how creative theyare.

As mentioned before the themes are totally free. The only condition is that Facebook themes can only be installed on PCs and not mobile devices. This is because Facebook themes is not readily available on Facebook per se. To enjoy these service users have to install an extension to make use of this features. Another very important condition is that you must use the Google browser to install this extension that helps you download Facebook themes.

Steps to Install Facebook Themes

To install the Facebook Themes it is very easy and straightforward. Just follow these simple steps. But note that this can only work on Google chrome browser.

  1. Launch your internet. It must be the Google chrome browser.
  2. Open a new window and click on apps.
  3. Click on web store.
  4. On the search section, type in Facebook.
  5. Below click on themes.
  6. Browse the available themes or designs
  7. Select your favorite one.
  8. Apply new theme
  9. Login to Facebook to see the changes in your profile.

Your themes will be installed so that you can later go and activate anyone you choose on your Facebook page or wall.

How to Access and Change Your Facebook Themes.

  1. Click on the icon on the top right corner of your Facebook page.
  2. A drop down menu will appear with library and install options.
  3. Click on library to download new themes to your Facebook wall..
  4. You can as well choose from the themes already downloaded.
  5. Apply.

It is very necessary to remember that the Facebook theme scan only be installed on PCs. Also that the google chrome browser is also needed to carry out this function.

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