Facebook Search Via Email – Facebook Search Settings | Facebook Searching

If you want to connect or add someone up on Facebook, but using the username or phone number isn’t an option. Well if you have their email address, you might have the opportunity to find their people and link up with them, but it’s not 100% guarantees. Why is that? While reading through the article you will get to know why searching via email isn’t 100% guarantee that you will find the person. However, Facebook search via email helps account users on Facebook to look up friends using the email address as the search keyword.

Facebook Search Via Email - Facebook Search Settings | Facebook Searching

This gives users the opportunity to find friends at a very fast-pace across millions of accounts with email address contact. Basically, with numbers of users been rampant on Facebook is pretty difficult to find. Using the email address to find people is more effective and convenient especially if there are similar names, or perhaps, the person isn’t making use of its real name instead using a username or have no idea of the person Facebook username or URL. This is more reason why Facebook search via email helps in locating someone.

Facebook Search Via Email – How to Control Who Look Me Up On Facebook With Email

Just as we earlier mentioned above, searching with email address isn’t 100% guarantee that the search result will appear positive or even negative. This is because through the privacy setting of that particular profile you want to look for. The privacy setting “Who can look me up?” allows you to control whether people can use your account email to search for you on Facebook and also based on how Facebook can recommend people to friends.

In other to look you in a certain way based on how friends can use your email address to find you. Then you need to add your email address and edit it to the public. In other to do that you can access the link directly, https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=privacy. Then where you see “who can look you up using the email address you provided? to everyone. 

Facebook Search Via Email – How to Find People By Using Their Email

First of all, the Facebook search via email is compatible on the web, you have to make use of the Messenger app on iOS devices or Android phones. Afterward, you can then access the following steps:

  •      Open your Messenger App.
  •      Click on the Search at the top.
  •      Enter the address name of the people at the top of the search bar.
  •      Lastly, click the search icon.

Besides, even before clicking the search icon, the people profile will have appeared on the search result for you to click. In case you couldn’t find it that means the user hasn’t set up the privacy settings.

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