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Facebook has added a new feature to its search box known as the ‘’ Facebook search ads’’ this feature is to enable Facebook users to get quick access to what they are searching for. Facebook has been known as the world most used social network has never gone back on their hard work, Facebook is improving every day by adding one feature or another. However, the most important part of this is the Facebook search ads which have been making it easy for Facebook users to get the result quickly with what they are searching for. Thought this feature is not yet worldwide.

Facebook Search Ads

Facebook is officially testing ads in an experiment that could open up a new opportunity for the social media giant and advertisers. However, according to the result I got during research I made, the Facebook search ads are only available to advertisers in the US and Canada within the automotive, retail and eCommerce industries. Facebook says that the experiment will be expanded to other countries soon, which depends on the result they get from the initial test which is trying to find out if their users and advertise accepts the idea. For now, these are all we know about the Facebook search ads feature and we believe that soon everyone will be using it.

How Facebook Search Ads Works

If you’ve been using Facebook you will know that this is not the first time Facebook has been using the search ads. The ads format was officially created in 2012 and was later shut down in 2013. However, the latest Facebook search ad feature differs from 2012 own which Facebook has not yet shown to us. Base on the ones we know these are some characteristics of Facebook search ad:

  • Search ads are from news feed ads with a headline, image, copy text, and a link
  • Facebook search ad appears on search results pages and marketplace
  • this feature appears either as static image ads or in a carousel format
  • the Facebook search ad is clearly marked as sponsored
  • there is no option to target specific keywords or phrases

please note that this is not the new Facebook search ads feature. it is all we know about the first round of testing this can change at any time.

Benefits Of Using Facebook Search Ads

The Facebook search ad has some mind-blowing benefits it offers to Facebook users. I know you must be pondering on what these benefits are all about. Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising. You can advertise to people by age, interests, behavior, and location. If you really know your customers, you can use Facebook advertising to engage them. Some benefits of Facebook search ads include the following:

  • with Facebook search ad you will get the quick result when using the search box
  • it helps users to reach out to their customers
  • users will be able to find a page they wish to join as soon as possible
  • with Facebook search ad you will find a particular item you wish to purchase

these a few from what Facebook search ads offer to people using the platform. However, you can not use the Facebook search ad with logging into your Facebook account.

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