Facebook Reels – How to Create Facebook Reels | Facebook Reels Monetization

Are Reels available on Facebook and how can I make use of Facebook Reels? Today, Meta the owner of three of the most popular and used media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp made an announcement of launching reels on Facebook. In a statement made by Meta, it says “We’re launching Facebook Reels in more than 150 countries for creators around the world to grow their communities”

Facebook Reels - How to Create Facebook Reels | Facebook Reels Monetization

Previously, Reels were only available on Instagram before Meta formally known as Facebook launched Reels on Facebook. But it was only available in the USA. Meta made the announcement of making Facebook Reels available for both Android and iOS users in more than 150 countries globally. Hence, this will bring a global change to the Facebook platform which will, in turn, enhance content creativity.

In fact, records show that many Facebook and Instagram users usually spend half of their time watching videos. So, Meta has decided to bring in Instagram Reels to Facebook in order to help creators to get light on, connect with their audience in the most intriguing way, grow and build their communities and still earn money.

Reels are short and entertaining video experiences of creators on Facebook. It can consist of music, effects, audio, and more entertaining stuff. Meanwhile, Facebook Reels isn’t all about short entertaining videos. But Meta announced that Facebook Reels is also going to help creators earn money by expanding tests of overly ads. Although Reels will come with banner and sticker ads first.

How to Create Facebook Reels

Reels are available to all Facebook users this means that anyone on the platform can create reels. You may choose to become a global creator or just share them with your friends and families. All you just need to do is unleash your creativity using Reels. Also, you can create these short videos while you are doing a hobby, creating something, or anything creative at all. All you need to do to start creating a reel is to tap on create a reel at the top of the News Feed. Also, you have access to different editing tools while you are creating your reels like;

  • Audio: Search for any of your favorite song from your music library or you can make use of the Facebook music library too. While you are creating the reel you can choose to add audio or after the audio.
  • AR Effect: Facebook provide a AR Effect so you can choose any of the Effect in the library. You can also record as many clips you want varieties effects
  • Timer and Countdown: You can activate the timer to record your reel hands-free so you don’t have to press the shutter button
  • Speed : You have the option to slow down or speed up your reel video while you record
  • Multi-Clip: Add together multiple clips to a single Facebook reels by choosing them from your gallery or recording them together.

After you have created your reel, you can choose how you would like to share it. Although, reels on Facebook are for public views for creators that are 18 years or more you change your audience at settings.

Facebook Reels Monetization

According to Meta, Facebook Reels is a new system for creators on the platform to make more money. But you may be wondering how creators will make money from reels. In the announcement made by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it says `2“We’re creating a variety of opportunities for creators to earn money for their reels. Our reel Play bonus program, part of our $1 billion creator investment, pays eligible creators up to $35, 000 every month based on the views of qualifying reels”. That is all eligible Facebook Reels Creators will get $35,000 monthly.

Also, another means of Reels Monetization is the Facebook Reels Overlay Ads across different countries. But first, Meta is starting with two styles; Banner ads and Sticker Ads. Hence, Facebook Reels serves as a better way for Content creators on Facebook to earn more money. Meta is really building up ways to enhance Facebook Reels Monetization.