Facebook Profile View – Facebook Profile Settings | Facebook Profile Guard

Are you bothered who is getting access to your facebook profile? Or are you uninterested in people viewing your facebook profile? Well, in case you have that problem, then this is the proper article for you to read. As we all recognize the Facebook platform is a platform that users are allowed to share their experiences with buddies and be able to chat with them.

Facebook Profile View - Facebook Profile Settings | Facebook Profile Guard

Facebook is a platform that is public-oriented, even your profile can be viewed by ever body on the platform; it can be your buddies or individual that searched for you on the platform. The reason for that is to enable people on the platform to recognize their friends, family, or even business companions. Having said that, the Facebook profile is a way to pick out a person on the Facebook platform.

The Facebook profile has information about you; it has your date of birth, your gender, your phone number, your location, your occupation, your name and also a collection of pictures and life moments you have experienced. These are pieces of information the facebook profile possess. You can only have a facebook profile when you are a registered member on the platform. Those who aren’t users on the FB platform can’t own a Facebook profile.


Many users are asking if they are able to see who viewed their Facebook profile on the platform. The answer is yes, you may see who view your profile on the Facebook platform. below are a few steps to comply with when you want to view users who see your Facebook profile.

  • Open your FB account or click here
  • Okay, get access to the settings at the platform.
  • Open your privacy shortcuts settings.
  • After that, Menu of options will display.
  • Click on “who viewed my profile”.

Then a list of users on FB who has viewed your profile would be displayed on your screen. this is how to see who has viewed your facebook profile.


in case you find it handy to hide your FB profile on the platform, then you ought to continue reading this. I’m going to inform you on the way you could hide your Facebook profile on the platform in order that it cant be viewed by strangers on the FB platform. underneath are a few steps given to guide you on how to hide your Facebook profile.

  • Open your FB account through your Facebook app or facebook.com
  • click on the arrow placed on the pinnacle of your screen.
  • Now click on settings.
  • After that, click on the privacy option.
  • Then hide your posts and tags.
  • protect your users from posting for your timeline.
  • you can now hide your Facebook profile from search

You can read on facebook cloning by clicking here in conclusion, you may want to have your facebook profile pieces of information private. This article would guide you on how to hide your Facebook profile view. The importance of Facebook cannot be overstated.

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