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Facebook profile picture serves as an online representation of user personal. Cover photos, on the other hand, dress up their profile page with a larger image. Uploading either one is simple, but if the user is new to Facebook or can’t figure out why their profile photo looks odd. The platform has put together a simple guide on how to upload a Facebook profile photo, cover photo and how to get fancy by uploading a profile video instead. Adding a frame for a cause, using a temporary picture, or cropping their own image to the proper dimensions.

Facebook Profile Picture - Facebook  Profile Picture Guard

There are lots of activities a user can go thru on this platform. Facebook Profile picture makes it easier for users on the platform to easily identify other users. Users can easily make a quick search and look through the displayed facebook profile picture for the user he or she is searing for. It is very important that every user on the platform upload a profile picture. This is to enable other users on the website to know who they are chatting with or who they want to be friendly to. A profile picture is the most important it do if a user wants to be Facebook.

Uploading Facebook profile picture doesn’t matter whether a particular user is using a desktop or mobile phone. A lot of users don’t use a profile picture on their Facebook account, and their Facebook account might get blocked because there is no picture of the owner of the Facebook account. Some Facebook user might not know how to upload their profile picture, users just need to follow the below step.

How to upload a Facebook Profile Picture

Facebook profile picture is only available for users who have an account on Facebook. If you don’t have an account you can sign up for one. Facebook account is where your pictures are been uploaded to and other info. Let’s get started on how to Upload Facebook Profile Picture.

  • Visit the facebook web portal on www.facebook.com on your devices.
  • Once you are logged in to your account click on your profile at the top left section.
  • Click on the current profile picture and click on the box which says upload profile picture.
  • choose the picture you want to upload on the platform.
  • After clicking on the picture you want to use it will bring out the picture.
  • ask to edit an press save at the down part of the screen.

After performing all the instruction given to you, you have a successful upload your picture on facebook. Facebook Profile picture put the face of the particular user, which also serve as an online ID of the user. Facebook made it possible for use on the platform to make use short video clips as a Facebook profile picture. Instead of a still image as their profile. Posting of short video clips is only available through the Facebook application which is on a mobile phone not on PC.

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