Facebook News Feed Settings – News feed on My Facebook | Facebook News Updates

Facebook News Feed Settings: Do you know that you can control and customize how you want news update to appear on your Facebook account homepage? On the contrary, Facebook has recently updated its news feed preference whereby showing more posts from family and friends. However, Facebook happens to be the leading social networking platform having more than 2.1 billion active monthly account users. Facebook News Feed happens to be where you can see stories or content and information posted by active users on Facebook. 

Facebook News Feed Settings - News feed on My Facebook | Facebook News Updates

However, the Facebook news feed setting enable you to control constant updating list of various stories on your homepage which’s based on status update, videos, photos, app activities, like from people, group, page that you follow and lost more.  Therefore, news feed Facebook setting made it easy for you to set up a news feed preference that you want to appear or showcase on your news feed. Therefore, you can view the following Facebook news feed settings outlines below to learn to control your news feed.

How Your Receive Post on Facebook News Feed

Before going to set up or edit your news feed preference, you need to understand how news feed works. However, what comes about the Newsfeed are posts made by friends or updated by someone who is not in order to help you connect to place, things, people, and keep you alive with news around the world. In order words, it can be things you care about starting with your friends and family.

Hence, post that you see first is derived by your connection with Facebook and also your activities. This could include your likes on pages, your reaction or comment on post received and lost more. Also, it can be as a result of comment or like made by friends or family member, reacting to a post from publishers that your friend might have shared. Sometimes, this can be annoying whereby you see posts on your news feed that you don’t like. Therefore, leading to the next outline below:

Facebook News Feed Settings – How to Custom Facebook Feed

As I mentioned, the Facebook news feed settings allow you to set up a new feed preference which enables you to control what you want to see on your news feed. Therefore, in order for that to happen there are different new feed preference to select from which is explained as you follow the process.

  • Log in your Facebook account and click the drop-down menu on your homepage.
  • Or at the top left corner of the Facebook page click the three dotted line beside the news feed.
  • Then you can click edit preferences, then you can adjust to the following news feed preferences:
  • Click Prioritize who to see first: allows you to select posts you don’t what to miss out on.
  • Click Unfollow people and groups to hide their posts: this way you can decide to choose people and group you don’t want to see.
  • Reconnect with people and groups you unfollowed: this means you to rejoin the people or group you unfollowed.

Lastly, manage your snooze settings allows you to restart, stop, and add more time to snooze. In addition, you can also see other preference option and one you have decided on what to select. Then, you can select that can click Done to control your news feed.

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