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Facebook Marketing Groups; Social media marketing is in the state of constant flux whereby multi-platform businesses are making use of it as a marketing strategy. When talking about marketing strategies, Facebook is one of the most acquires social media marketing site with plenty of powerful marketing tools use in promoting networking marketing business online all over the world. The Facebook marketing group happens to be one of the tools used in showcasing and marketing products to people within a particular community.

Most businesses do not only use the Facebook page or Facebook ads as their main marketing strategy. Moreover, the Facebook marketing groups is like a marketing hub where lots of people with different business come together to showcase their services to people. The opportunity attached to the marketing groups, allows you to link up with people that match your target customer to enlighten them about your business for free. As well as when you also create a Facebook marketing groups to engage all your customers into the feature.

How to Set up a Marketing Groups on Facebook

Creating a Facebook marketing groups give you to the opportunity to create a marketing hub or network of only your customers and also allows new people to discover your groups. One annoying aspect of the marketing group is that it allows others marketing to market their own business in your group. But now as admin management, you can create a restricting order which people other from posting on your group. At the same time, you can set up your marketing group to either private, public or secret marketing groups. 

To create marketing group:

  • Go to www.facebook.com/groups, first ensure you’re already logged in into another tab
  • Then when you access the link you will be redirected to the page where you can create a marketing group.
  • Click +Create Group at the left top side of your page and a pop tab will appear.
  • Then you need to fill out the required info such as:
  • Next, name your group
  • Add some people like your customers
  • Then you can set the privacy of your group whether public, closed, or secret.

Finally, since you have completed the first procedure, the next one you need to personalize your group by uploading a cover photo of the type of your business and add a description.

How to Join Other Marketing Groups on Facebook

However, besides creating a marketing group, there are over thousands of marketing groups that have already been created for you to join. Facebook permits you to join up to 6000 groups and once you have reached the limit you need to forgo some in other to join a new one. 

To join marketing groups

  • Access your news feed and under the Explore section click Groups in the left menu.
  • Then in the search bar at the top, you can type in the groups that are built based on your business platform.
  • Scroll through the groups and the click +Join Group.

Another way you can search for marketing groups is through the search categories. Then you can click the arrow icon and select buy and sell or business or that other types of categories that your business is based on.

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