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Do you have old properties or items to sell? The Facebook market place is an easy place to buy and sell items to people in your environment. It is a very fast, efficient and easier place to be than any other market place you can find on the social network. A lot of items both new or old ones can be found on the market which includes buy and sell from houses, TV sets, vehicles too, etc. The Facebook marketplace is associated directly to buyer and seller Facebook accounts. Once an item is posted for sell on the Facebook market place, people can ask you question about your item using Facebook messenger.

Facebook Market Place

Facebook Messenger also allows you to establish marketplace communication through texting or phone calls. You can see the chat history with buyers from the selling tab on the Facebook marketplace page. Everything posted on Facebook buys and sell marketplace will appear in your news feed page on your Facebook account. This makes the Facebook market place rate higher than any other marketplace. Because the rate of which items are sold in the Facebook marketplace is about 70%-80% compared to all other marketplaces.

Benefits of Selling On Marketplace

There are a lot of benefits you can derive from selling items on Facebook marketplaces. Some of the benefits are;

  • It enables you to get connected with people searching for your items to buy in your area.
  • Freedom to chat with interested buyers with the use of the Facebook messenger app.
  • Facebook not interested in any percentage you make from your transaction on the market place.
  • You can choose from categories when you list items on Facebook buy and sell the market place to help your customer narrow their search and find your items with ease.

These are what you get when you make use of Facebook marketplace for buying and selling and your business keeps growing as you get more customers to patronize you.

How to Sell On Marketplace

To have a good experience using the Facebook market place, you need to put this into consideration:

  • Engage yourself in conversation with the buyer about your mode of payment.
  • Choose a public place as your meeting point if you are meeting with the buyer for security reason.
  • Keep your financial information away from people this could be bank account details, PayPal login details, and password.
  • Ensure to always create awareness to buyers whenever you ship an item and necessary details in regards to your delivery and tracking information.
  • Review Facebook commerce policy before posting an item for sale on Facebook marketplace.

How to Post An Items For Sale in Facebook Market place

Selling an item on the Facebook market place is not something hard to do, just follow the steps below:

  • Snap a photo of the item to sell.
  • Give the product name, make a short description of the product and state the price.
  • Confirm your location and select a category.
  • Get it posted.

Once you post your item, everybody within your area can now find your item and contact you if they are interested in buying any of your products. You can also post to the Facebook market place and any Facebook buy and sell group at the same time.s

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