Facebook Live Chat Box – Facebook Page Chatbox | Facebook Live Chat Room

The Facebook live chat box is a feature that is available for Facebook users to express their selves. As we know that Facebook is a social network where people interact with their friends, families, and colleagues either at work or in school. Facebook also is where businessmen come to sell out their various products and where people meet new friends. And where fans are able to share their views with their mentors. In other, for Facebook to allow its users to interact with their online customer care Centre and get to know some certain things about the community standards. People use the Facebook live chat box for several reasons which depend on what they want.

Facebook Live Chat Box - Facebook Page Chatbox | Facebook Live Chat Room

However, Facebook does offer live chat as a way to enable its users to get help when they are having issues or facing certain problems. Though Facebook does not have a phone number you can call them with since. Facebook does not have a customer service number that is why they recommend the Facebook live chatbox. This is to give all Facebook users either, business account or personal account to have a conversation with them over a problem they are facing and other things important to them.

How To Add Facebook Live Chat Box To Your Page

If you are a business person you should know that your customers will have all kind of support preferences. Some of them want to call you, while others look for your email address to drop you a message. This is why you need to add the Facebook live chat box to enable them to reach you anytime they want to. However, here is how you can set up a Facebook LIVECHAT box in your fan page:

  • Create a live chat account if you don’t have one
  • Go to live chat on Facebook fan page app and click on add live chat to your page
  • Select which Facebook fan page should have the LIVECHAT option
  • After making the selection click on add page tap button to proceed
  • After that go to the Facebook fan page and click more. Select the manager tabs option, drag and drop Live Chat with us to appear in front of the about section
  • Lastly, now you need to tie the app to your LIVECHAT license by clicking on the LiveChat with us tab. And enter your LIVECHAT email and API key

After you have done the following steps, anyone who comes to your Facebook fan page will be able to start a conversation with your online agents using the LiveChat with us tab

Benefits Of Having Facebook Live Chat Box

Having a Facebook live chat box will help you very well as a business person. Making these features available will not only benefit you. And also your customers thereby making them happy. And even end up making them bring more people to do business with you. These are some benefits you get using the Facebook live chatbox:

Making Your Facebook Fan Page Chat More Accessible – Facebook Live Chat Box

With this feature, you can make your fan page more accessible after you have the live chat your customers will not need to add your email or phone number. However, they chat your agent live on Facebook and discuss whatever they want to about the business.

Good Social Customers Service

With the use of this feature, your customers will have access to interact with you through the live chat making them feel safe doing business with you.

Maintaining the Same Tone On Facebook Live Chat Box

However, it keeps your business going, no changes for the same way they are been handled while using email and phone number. This same way will be maintained using the Facebook live chat though it is a more improved way of chatting with your customers.

Gathering Feedback

It enables you to get feedback from your customers if your customer Is not satisfied with your product they can easily chat with you directly using the live chat.

Offering Quick Response Time

The feature is very quick in response, however, make sure your agent is always available to respond quickly to your customers to prevent you from losing anyone. Having your agents to respond fast to your customers brings satisfaction to them and boosts your business.

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