Facebook Insight – How to use the Facebook Insight Audience Tool

How Facebook Insight Audience Tool Works
For someone that is an inbound marketer knows that the value of a campaign is only as good as any form of marketing strategy and which also applies to your Facebook business or brands page. One thing most advertisers don’t understand is that. Posting contents to your Facebook audience without having knowledge of what type of contents wanted by the audiences and who’s in it. Is like bathing before going to the toilet which is a waste of time and energy.

Facebook Insight - How to use the Facebook Insight Audience Tool

On the contrary, the good news to such an ignorant act is that Facebook has developed a powerful and insightful analytics tool. This tool enables you to have access in measuring the performances of your Facebook ads called Facebook Insight. However, Facebook Insight is a valuable and pretty powerful tool. Also used by advertisers to easily keep track of ads performances and better understand how to engage more with your audience. This is alongside learning how they interact with your Facebook page.

Why use the Facebook Audience Insights for your Business Page

The most important aspect of Facebook insight is that it provides you a goldmine of valuable info. It also the specific date that allows you to understand more on how audiences are engaging or interacting with your business page or ads. This also helps you in optimizing your ads performances with the use of some special Facebook analytic tools. There are over 1.4 billion active monthly users, which makes the platform more incredible reach to potential audiences.

But with the fact that it has numbers of changes to its algorithm thereby prioritizing contents from family and friends. Makes it even harder to get the attention of audiences to your page or ads.  Thanks to Facebook Insight, you can easily understand the algorithms, thereby giving you information on what types of contents to put forward to the right audiences. Above all, the Facebook audience tool gives you track of features such as likes, page views, reach, and more.

How to use the Facebook Insight Audience Tool

Notwithstanding, what type of goal or objective you set on Facebook. This can be either building brand awareness, call to action with customers or even reaching out to potential audiences. The Facebook audience insight tool helps you learn more of who your most interactive audiences. It also helps to keep performances of how they interact with your page. However, the Facebook insight are categories in four section such as Overview, Page, Post, and People.

Therefore, to access the Facebook insight, you can access that from your Facebook page. This is by clicking the Insights at the top of your page and click sections on the left for more info. Then you can engage in Facebook Insight. Also, you can navigate the Facebook audience tool on your ads manager through this link www.facebook.com/ads/audience_insights to access the tools.

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