Facebook Games for Money – Facebook Money Games | Money Games on Facebook

On the contrary, Facebook games for money enables people to buy good and non-gaming applications online on the Facebook social networking platform. However, you can purchase online using your money right in your credit card, PayPal account, or other various payment methods. The money can also be used to purchase games or software App. However, Facebook offers a class platform that allows the developer to accept payment in their various games.

Facebook Games for Money - Facebook Money Games | Money Games on Facebook

In a fast and easy way in order to make players feel secure in making transactions with trust that Facebook brings. Facebook actually take step by step to ensure that the payment is been safe, secure and trustworthy. Facebook game in other to monetize the most important features that help developers think about building their own games. Although, Facebook is actually the best way to monetize a game and also add in-app purchases into it. It is actually a spendable resource, such as virtual currency, energy boosters, or it could be upgraded in the game, such as premium items or customizations.

How to Make Money on Facebook Games?

There are different and socialize way in order to make money on Facebook games social media platform, they are easy and straight forward to start, this is some few steps:

  • In-app purchase: the payment platform enables game developers to leverage payment mechanisms, like credit cards, mobile carrier billing and also pay pal, in other to sell the item to people worldwide.
  • Subscription: with this, you can establish a recurring revenue stream and offer updated content or premium experience for a week or monthly fee and new subscribers can be enticed with a free trial.
  • Mobile payments: mobile payment helps you optimize your pricing and payment experience for people who want to charge purchases to their mobile phone bill.
  • In-game gifting: letting your players buy premium gifts for other players is a powerful way to drive engagement and retention and increase your revenue.

Payer promotions: payer promotions help bring more payers to your game, by encouraging players to make their first purchase.

How to play Facebook Game for Money?

hence, we assure that you have set up your app to run as a Facebook game, and you’re ready to enable payments methods,

  • First of all, go to your app setting page htttps://developers.facebook.com/apps
  • On the left rail click on the following settings Add product and web payment method
  • Then fill out all the information provided on the page.

In other to, finalize the set up you need to create a company name which is accessible at the dropdown icon, afterward, you can then define your products that is the game, create a static pricing or dynamic pricing for your Facebook game.

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