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The Facebook free market place is so convenient for discovering buy and sell items with people within that same community or environment. Therefore, you can search for any item that people have listed for sale on the marketplace. Plus, you can as well sell with ease without going through any form of stress. However, there are varieties of items for sale and they are categories as follow electronics, household, apparel, bags and luggage’s, baby and kids, accessories and home furniture. Customers can view all the categories or make a search for what they are particularly looking for.

Facebook Free Market Place Near Me - Facebook Free Marketplace Community | Free Market Place Facebook

How to Sell on The Facebook Free Market Place

However, selling an item on Facebook free market place required you to create awareness to people on the platform. That can be accessed by anybody on the marketplace and will appear on news feed also. With that, the public will know what you are involved with, here is the way to go about selling on the marketplace;

  • Click on the marketplace on the news feed at the left column.
  • Tap on the “Sell something” button
  • Snap a picture of what you selling.
  • Get it uploaded by the Add photo option.
  • Give the item description and price.

Facebook Free Market Place Rules

There are rules and regulation that guide buying and selling in the Facebook free marketplace that all interested party must be guided with to make use of the marketplace.

Certain Items Are Not Allowed For Selling

There is a list of what can be sold and not be sold on the Facebook market and they include:

  • Adult product or services.
  • Alcohol
  • Animals
  • Digital media
  • Event Tickets
  • Gift Cards
  • Healthcare items
  • Tobacco products
  • Unsafe supplements
  • Weapons or ammunition.

Selling of the above products can’t go through on Facebook free market place. But Facebook market place allows anything other than that for sell.

Your Items Must Be Physical For Selling

Facebook market community do not allow selling of any product that is not physical for sale. For instance:

  • Jokes
  • News
  • Lost and found posts.

Item Description Must Be Relevant With The Image

Your uploaded photo must match the description and title given to your product for sale, any contradiction will not be allowed for selling.

Comparison of The Product is Prohibited

An item listed for sale cannot have before and after picture. People make use of the Facebook free market place globally on a daily basis for buying and selling of items. Through this, you can reach out to millions of buyers at a time wherever they are.

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