Facebook Email – How To Change Email Address on Facebook

How to add, change or update your Email address on Facebook? Facebook Email plays an important role in users experiences while using the social media platform. With the general basic understating of what the email happens to mean. But Facebook email seems to be far different from the normal email platform including Gmail, Yahoo, and other email services. It actually generated at the beginning of creating an account whereby offering individual an access credential for both the desktop and also on a smartphone.

Facebook Email - How To Change Email Address on Facebook

Basically, the Facebook email address is roll out of @facebook.com which is made to create a primary channel of communication and access to your Facebook account. The email address was chosen by you while creating a username which as represented as username@facebook.com. For instance, your username name is peter123 that means your Facebook email is actually peter123@facebook.com. You can view the outline below to see what uses is the email and how to view your Facebook email address.

How Does the Facebook Mail Address Work

Just like you understand the basic function of the email address, however, the Facebook email even functions more. Basically, the email performs various functions like providing you with contact info to meeting up with friends. For example, if someone wants to meet you up with the Facebook messenger, but can’t access your account. He or she can email with your email address which will appear in the message box.

You can also send messages to users from the Facebook message page by clicking “New message”. Then type any email address in the “To” field to start a new message. Aside from messaging the email address also provide and login function. With the Facebook email address, you can access your account if you use another email address when creating an account. Simply go down to find out your email address if you don’t have.

How to Check and Change your Facebook Email

Fortunately to check your email message is what you do on a daily basis while accessing your account. The message icon at the top of the page is where you get to access the message send to you once you have a login. While for check your email address you can follow this steps.

  • Login with the normal login credential either the phone number of the Gmail email on the login fields.
  • On the homepage at the right top corner of the page click the down arrow and select setting option.
  • On the general account, setting locates the username and then click edit to view your email address.

In conclusion, you can change your Facebook email by changing your username. You can also have the chance of adding a number to the email address. After that, you can click the save icon whereby your email address will be confirmed.

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