Facebook Easter – Facebook Easter Egg Hunt

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Facebook has got an important fundraising campaign called Facebook Easter Egg Hunt which was started far back in 2012. I know you are quite surprised yes, the Facebook Easter eggs hunt stands as a charity fundraising campaign which was to help children. However, the elephant family was involved in this fundraising which was sponsored by jeweler Faberge. Also, the family works hand in hand to make this charity stand together which was known as the Big egg Hunt.

Facebook Easter - Facebook Easter Egg Hunt
Facebook Easter – Facebook Easter Egg Hunt

Facebook Easter Egg hunt which first took place in England in the spring year of 2012 with about two hundred artists, designers, and celebrities. Where they all come together to create, paint and craft fiberglass egg which is played with by children. However, these eggs were scattered around selected locations in London and children will be asked to look for them. This is always been a very well recognized platform in London not until this pandemic outbreak which has taken every world. And keep participants indoor but Facebook would still be doing the Eggs hunt. With the past celebration of the Facebook easter eggs, hunt children stand a chance to go home with some goodies for free.

How to Participate in the Facebook Easter Egg Contest? 

the main objectives of the Facebook easter egg hunt are for kids to find hidden eggs on a golf course with love music playing. Also, balloon making, face painting, games and a bouncy castle which will make every family have fun this annual easter. However, you need to apply and qualify to be able to participate in the easter egg hunt. Here are a few steps on how to participate on Facebook Easter Egg Contest;

  • For a child to perform one of their parents must be above 18 which is the official adult age of Facebook.
  • The parent must have a valid Facebook account which serves as a verification process.
  • And must follow Centerpoint’s Facebook page And makes sure your Facebook account is not on Private. Each parent as only one entry as a participant and guess on which egg bunny would reach the maze.
  • Personal information like BRIC number, full name per NRIC, mailing address per NRIC, Email address. Also, Date of birth and contact number should be provided after you are selected to participate.

When is Facebook easter Egg Hunt 2022?

This year Facebook Easter Egg Hunt was supposed to be on Easter Sunday, April 17 and started by 9:30 by every participant. However, due to the virus COVID-19 and lockdown in the world with no social gatherings and keeping social distance. Parents are advised to allow their children to make colors and craft paper like eggs and hang them to their door around the world.

With this Year Facebook

Easter Egg hunt which will be done online on ALL Facebook Platform which allows users to leave a comment. However, children could be allowed to make their egg hunt at home with their friends and family.