Facebook Dating in Colombia – Colombia Online Dating Site On Facebook

Facebook dating in Colombia is now a reality. In few months after announcing that some feature will be coming into play. Facebook said the dating feature has begun testing its new dating products in Colombia. Facebook Dating in Colombia closely resembles the Hinge app. Both depart from the swiping model which is integrated on the Tinder app in favor of answer & question from users in other to start conversations based on something in a person’s profile. Facebook dating in Colombia, for now, is available, but the company is expected to bring it to other countries in the feature.

Facebook Dating in Colombia - Is Facebook Dating App Available in Colombia

Facebook dating in Colombia has many people that have been waiting here for this moment to be launched in Colombia. It was actually announced that Facebook would be starting a dating platform within the social media platform. But not just because it is been organized with Facebook does not mean it uses your current profile as the dating platform. All users will have to separate profiles just for Facebook dating, which makes sense when you actually think about it. After all the probability you probably put yourself differently on your dating profile versus the way you put yourself on Facebook to your family and friends.

How Facebook Dating Works in Colombia

Facebook dating in Colombia is for all users who are up to 18 years and above. According to the Facebook dating, it is currently only for the mobile phone device. If there is any probability you are wondering on how Facebook dating works, here below are some features you need to know;

  • You will need another profile account for dating; you actually don’t have to worry on anybody seeing your profile, which there is no shame on the platform. This actually will not appear in the News Feed.
  • Fill out your profile information; when it comes to your profile, only your first name and age will be used. Choose something you want to share about yourself, such as height, religion, job title, etc.
  • There is no swiping on the dating platform; however you have created your own profile, the Facebook dating uses a random to suggest matches to you.
  • You will need to have a separate messaging inbox for Facebook dating; this will assist you to get potential dates from your regular Facebook messages.
  • With Facebook dating you will match with people based on common interest; when you see your suggested matches, they will be based on your preferences, interests, and things you do on Facebook.

However, all this latest above are the features you need to know about. Facebook dating actually takes off in Colombia and this will actually take of in more. And other countries in the world wild having a great conversation on the Facebook dating app.

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