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 Facebook has been creating a lot of mouth blowing features adding to its functions. It is not surprising how Facebook has improved so far and how its functions have become very important to societies now. With Facebook now you can find your partner using the Facebook dating app. Facebook dating app name is the list of apps you can find on Facebook for dating, hooking up, meeting friends and to do other important things in your love world or life.

Facebook Dating App Name - Facebook Dating Near Me | Singles Near Me On Facebook

Though the Facebook dating site is not yet available to all countries for now which we believe will be soon. The Facebook dating app will soon be available in 19 countries with the US coming by the end of this year. The most exciting part of this app is that Facebook will be introducing this app with a new secret crush feature that will notify friends who like one another.

With these dating apps, users will be able to choose up to nine friends who they have crushes on. And if those friends are on Facebook dating apps and also selects them the feature will notify both about it. However, for now, some Facebook dating app name available is not really made by Facebook but belongs to their various company.

List of Facebook Dating App Name That Links to Facebook

There are so many dating sites that you can follow up on Facebook and those sites have their own app. They are not created by Facebook but rather are just like a page opened with their name and also open a group. This is to allow those who do not have the app to follow them through Facebook. This site is seen on Facebook when you make use of the Facebook search box by typing in keywords you will see them. The following are the Facebook dating app name you can find on Facebook:

  • Top face
  • Badoo
  • Zoosk
  • Match.com
  • Cupid
  • Yoke
  • The Datable
  • The complete me

There are so many other dating sites you can see on Facebook. But mind you that these sites are not owned or created by Facebook they are just own their own. they are looking for people to join their sites if you notice some of these sites are been advertised in some games you do play or when you are scrolling through your Facebook homepage.

Facebook Dating App Name – How to set up a Facebook Dating Profile

To create your Facebook dating profile is easy, and however, follows the same general set up process just like other apps like Tinder, Badoo and other dating apps we all know. In case you have forgotten about how to activate your dating profile here are the steps to do so:

  • Open the app on your device or desktop
  • Click on the get started button
  • Select your gender and who you want to be matched with
  • Confirm your dating location
  • Then write down a brief bio

Note that this Facebook dating app is not available to all country but only in US and Canada. If it shows unavailable to you it means the feature/ app is not available to your country yet, just wait till it is available.

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