Facebook Dark Mode – Facebook Dark Mode Settings | Facebook Dark Mode for Android

Facebook dark mode allows you to lower your screen brightness of light, keep contrast and vibrancy of your Facebook screen. This reduces the glare from your phone in other to allow you to use in a low light situation. To be able to use the Facebook features at any point in time wherever you may be. People with eyesight problem have the ability to access the Facebook dark mode feature. As they will be able to make use of Facebook with convenient. Without the fear of their eyes being burn while browsing through their Facebook.

Facebook Dark Mode - Facebook Dark Mode Settings | Facebook Dark Mode for Android

Basically, brightness light can blur your vision that is why there is a need for you to make use of this dark mode. Which helps to save yourself from suffering from eye blur. However, the Facebook dark mode is available to both Facebook and messenger as you can enable them for use.

How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode

Any Facebook user can activate the Facebook dark mode feature on the messenger app. Once you have access to the mentioned feature. Then you can make use of the dark mode without going through any form of stress. Follow this guide to activate the Facebook dark mode using messenger app iOS or Android version only:

  • Launch your Facebook messenger app.
  • Send a waning moon emoji to a friend in a chat.
  • The dark mode will pop up automatically in your messenger.

From the point of activation, users can make use of the Facebook dark mode feature. And as well disable whenever you want to and you did not need to send more crescent emoji again. But at some point, in time Facebook may like remove the necessarily sending of the emoji as it will be of standard features. In addition, you can also enable the dark mode feature on desktop

How to Install Night Eye

However, for you to enable the dark mode feature, all you need to do is to install an extension browser (Night Eye) to be able to enable dark mode on the desktop.

  • Click on your browser to get the extension download and installed.
  • After the installation is completed, adjust the language settings for the extension.
  • The dark mode is activated as default mode from the onward especially Facebook and messenger.

There is different kind of mode available you can decide to choose from and they are dark mode, filtered and normal mode. Users can customize this mode by doing filters or schedule when you want the night eye to work and more can be done when you open your extension window.

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