Facebook Crush App – What is Facebook’s Secret Crush | Facebook Dating App

The Facebook crush app which also can be defined as the Facebook dating app has now been officially launched in the United States. Which could particularly be a piece of good news for the shy people who are single with a secret crush on their Facebook list. Ever since the release of the Facebook dating platform into the best Facebook app. Over millions of people have decided to join the platform which matches them with thousands of people to connect with on the platform. This is commonly referred to like the Facebook crush app. As a specific feature designed to let you know whether the feeling is mutual without the risk of embarrassment.

Facebook Crush App - What is Facebook's Secret Crush | Facebook Dating App

The Facebook crush app is actually not an application but a feature into the Facebook dating service. This makes it easier to find love through what you like and help you start up meaningful relationships. This is by checking out things you have in common, like interest, events, and groups. It actually takes the work out of creating a dating profile. This gives you a more authentic look at who someone actually is. Whereby all users are matched with people they show interest in or like. Therefore, when there is a mutual feeling between two people. You are potentially compatible with the secret crush platform to connect to each other.

How Does the Crush Feature Work on the Facebook Dating App

Actually the Facebook dating will not match you with any of your Facebook friends. However, there is a feature called a secret crush. If there is any probability you are interested in one of your friends. If that friend has opted into dating. They will actually get a message telling them a friend has a crush on them. This won’t be telling them who exactly it is. One most important thing you need to understand with the Facebook crush app is that it is not an application where you have to download from your various app stores.

There are two concerns raised on the Facebook dating platform which are the New York and The Verge. While the company says the main and dating profiles are completely separate and this means giving the company yet more personal data and to suggest that the lunch of the service raises possible antitrust issues given Facebook the massive competitive advantage over other dating apps.

How to Access the Facebook Crush on the Facebook Dating App

The Facebook crush app which is presented to the Facebook dating service is accessible in 19 different countries which are Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Thailand, United States, Uruguay, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, and others. You can actually check if this platform is currently available in your country or location, kindly visit www.facebook.com/dating and click get started. You will have to update your Facebook app for the latest version in other to access the feature.

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