Facebook Community – Facebook Community Leadership Program

Talking about social media platform nowadays can give you a setback on new features or lots of new concept on the platform especially Facebook in particular. On the contrary, the opening of the Facebook community plays an important role in the world today thereby bringing millions of people closer together. Actually, this isn’t talking about the help community but the Facebook community leadership program offered by the social media platform.

Facebook Community - Facebook Community Leadership Program

As we all know, the social media platform a is big cloud not only rested on meeting new friends but drive into various concepts in building great services for millions of users to enjoy. Furthermore, the community leadership program currently designed to support leaders to innovate their community in a better way through the use of Facebook or products. Initially, Facebook came off with the community leadership program due to limited support and guidance. Hence, it build the platform to help enables support, tools, and funds through with community leader can make a positive impact in the world.

Facebook Community – Eligibility of the Community Leadership Program

Concerning the aspect of joining the Facebook community leadership program. There is some quality a user have to possess in order to be selected for this program. Therefore, users must possess the following:

  • Applicants must be between the age of 18- above or within the age of the majority in their country.
  • Also, applicants must make use of a product or services within Facebook apps and services for the aim of building a community.
  • Applicants must agree with the term and policies governing the use of the Facebook app and services.
  • Due to the fact that it essential to makes use of the platform to participate in the program. Hence only applicants where Facebook is operated is eligible for the program.

In addition, the final selection will be based on the applicant work in building their community and also the advantage of each grant scheme. Hence, you can learn how you can apply to the community leaders program on the next outline below.

How to Apply for the Facebook Community Leadership Program

Notwithstanding, the Facebook community leadership program offers you three major element which includes Educational Curriculum, Funding, and A Network of Support. This will help provides a better role of a community leader in elevating your community, support societies aim at bringing people together and more.

Furthermore, the application to join the platform always different in various countries. Probably, the application procedures might be closed in some part of the country depending in your country. Hence, you can visit the Facebook community with the link www.facebook.com/community/ to stay connected on various services of the community.

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