Facebook Business Sign Up – Facebook Business Page Setup | Facebook Business Account

The Facebook business sign up actually simplify as creating an advertising platform where you’re offered the tools to set up an advertising campaign. The Facebook Business Sign Up is like setting a business page that people engage in your business by showcasing your brands or services to millions of people. However, Pages are designed for business use and they have different kinds of features available which can not be found on your profiles such as analytics, advertising, and scheduling of post.

Facebook Business Sign Up - Facebook Business Page Setup | Facebook Business Account

Before you can successfully set up a Facebook business page or carry out Facebook Business Sign Up, you need to make use of the features available at hand to do so and make sure everything is perfect places. Below are the features to make use of setting up Facebook business page:

Setting Up a Facebook Business Page

You can get this done by logging into your Facebook profile and navigate to the home button which is beside your name. From that point, you can just tap on the pages tab by the left-hand sidebar of your profile home page.

This directed you to the main pages area where you can have a top view of pages suggested, explore invites to other pages, view previous pages you have liked before. Click on Create Page and once you have done the aforementioned. The next step for you is to decide what kind of business page you want for your business and they are six options available for you to choose from which are

  • Local Business or Place.
  • The company, Organization or Institution.
  • Brand or Product.
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure.
  • Entertainment.
  • Cause or Community.

Each one of these pages has a drop-down menu with an extensive list of categories. Picking the right page type for the business you run may be the best for you. But if you walk through the categories you may come to realize that your business fits into different page type then you can imagine of.

Design and Add a Business Profile Picture to Your Facebook Page

Just like after creating your Facebook profile there is a need for you to upload your business picture too. You can use a photo of a physical product you are selling, professional photo of yourself if you are the face of your business or better still make use of your logo. Whatever choice you go with just keep the composition simple and make it an easy to recognize. The profile photo should be 180 x 180 pixels to make sure the details of the image are present.

Add a Call-to-Action Button to Your Facebook Page

Making use of a call to action button to your page gives people an easy way opportunity to do some things such as sign up for giveaway or newsletter, buy something and so forth. this is good when you start the Facebook Business Sign Up process. Just click on the Add button located under the right corner of your cover photo and a prompt message to choose from seven types of standard buttons will appear which are:

  • The Book Service Button.
  • The Get in Touch Button.
  • The Learn More Options Button.
  • The Make a Purchase or Donation Button.
  • The Download App or Game Button.
  • The Watch Video Button
  • The Sign-up Button.

Go through all of the types of a call-to-action button to find out which is suitable for your business.

Write and Add a Description to Your Facebook Page

Your description creates awareness to people on what you are into and what your page is all about. The more information your potential followers get, the more they might be interested in your product or brands. There is a limitation to your description and that gives you access to 155 characters which shows up in search results. Click on the Add a short description prompt and write one to two sentences that include keyword phrases at the appropriate which describes the focus of your page or business. After all these just click on the Save button.

Note that the Facebook business pages give access to new customers to locate you, go through your content and patronize you. Make use of these tips to guide you in creating a Facebook page that help promotes your business in the best possible way.

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