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Facebook business page is a page feature created by Facebook for businesses. This page allows business owners to promote their product on Facebook. Facebook business page is different from the conventional Facebook page; the features in the two pages are different. Facebook allow you to advertise your product; it also allows you to schedule and promote your contents.

Facebook Business Page - Facebook Business Page Setup

Setting up a Facebook business page requires that you have Facebook personal account the Facebook page. You may need to create a Facebook personal account if you really want to create. One thing I ike about creating a business page is that it is free and open to all user. Here is how you can create a Facebook business page.

How to Facebook Business Page

  1. To start, log in to Facebook website www.Facebook.com authenticate access to your Facebook account. You will be taken to your account news feed.
  2. Click on the “Home” button next to your name in your news feed. On the next page.
  3. Click the “page” tab in the left-hand column then click on create page button at the right corner of your Facebook page.

The first step to set up your Facebook business page is to select the type of page you are setting up; you will be shown six different options provided by Facebook they are “Local business or place, Company Organization or Institution, Brand or Product, Artist, Band or Public Figure, Entertainment and Cause or Community”.

Each page type has some features that make them different; they have their own drop-down list when you click “choose a category”.  You will need to carefully select the category that suits your business. However, you can change the category of your page anytime you like.

Facebook Business Page Set Up

Read the Facebook’s page term and policies once you are through selecting your page’s category by clicking the “Terms” link. Agree to the terms on Facebook by clicking the “get started button”. You will then be asked for the details of the account you are creating. This includes your business page name and others. Once you are through, click the “get started” button. You now have a Facebook business page.

The next thing you are doing is to upload a profile picture. This profile picture will serve as the picture people will see anywhere on Facebook. It will be seen in people’s search results and it will be shown together with any comment you publish. Although there are different recommended size dimensions for Facebook photos, any rectangular image is accepted on Facebook – a photo size of 180 x 180 Pixel is ok.

Completing Facebook Business Page Set up

Click on “add cover photo” when you are ready to upload a photo for your business page after this, click on “upload photo” you can then drag the image to the right position and click “save”. The next thing to do is to add a description to the Facebook business page. It may be necessary to unpublish your page while you are working on it. You can do this by clicking settings and open the page “visibility section” change the visibility to “Page Unpublished”. Click “Save” to save the changes you have made.

Click “Page” to go back to your page and add a description to your page. Use the description to tell your customers what your business page is all about; you can write up to 155 characters. After this, you can then add your Facebook page username also known as Vanity URL and a link to your website homepage. Once you are through with this, publish your page by going to settings and edit the page visibility settings.  You can now invite your customers to your page; this works the same way as your normal Facebook account.

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