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Recently, Facebook created an online business platform where business and customers can connect together in one cloud known as Facebook Business. This feature allows businesses to grow globally as they can get in contact with customers all over the world. Plus, it creates awareness to customers about new service or on what they are into as a business. I will be sharing ideal on Facebook Business for Beginner who wants to start using these services.

Facebook Business for Beginner -  Advertise Your Business on Facebook | Facebook Advertising

However, it is such a great opportunity for those who want to buy and sell on Facebook. To come together and do business transactions without having a shop which is basically online businesses. Before you can start with Facebook Business for Beginner, you need to create a Facebook page for yourself. This will allow people to know what your business contains. As they will be able to read information about what you doing on your Facebook page you created.

Facebook Page

Facebook page is one of the major tools for Facebook business for beginners. This allows you to connect or showcase your business, yourself, or your cause to millions of people worldwide. However, the Facebook page is meant for business use and offer important business tools for marketing strategy such as analytics, advertising, and scheduling of your post. Here is a guide on how you can create your Facebook page for business;

Setting Up a Facebook Page

If you want to set up a Facebook page for your business as a beginner, you must have a Facebook profile. Next, you must have login first your Facebook account and get started by clicking on the home button beside your name. Afterward, you need to click on the page tab in the explore section which is located at the left-hand sidebar of your profile home page.

Just click on create page to create your own Facebook page and proceed to choose the type of page you want for your business. There are six options in that regard you can choose any one that suits your business from them:

  • Local Business or Place.
  • The company, Organization or Institution.
  • Brand or Product.
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure.
  • Entertainment.
  • Cause or Community.

The above-mentioned page has its own drop-down menu that comprises of lists of categories each. Then select the business option that best suits your type of business and fill out the requirement needs to set up your Facebook business page.  Thereby, filling out the name of your new page along with any information required in their fields, click get started and you will be directed to your new page.

Design and Add a Profile Picture to Your Facebook Page

After you have created your Facebook page, the next thing to do is to add your profile photo to your business page and it can be any number of things:

  • Photo of a physical product you are selling.
  • Professional photo of your business.
  • Your Business Logo

Make sure to keep your composition simple and easy to recognized by people or customers. The most preferable profile photo should be 180 x 180 pixels to ensure all your details of the image are present. After doing that you can now upload your new profile image to Facebook and click on add a picture in the prompt list. You can choose to take the photo with your camera or choose to upload a photo. Follow the prompts to upload your new profile picture.

Add a Cover Photo to Your Facebook and Create Facebook Page

You go through the same process as above to create your cover photo; the dimensions for a Facebook cover photo are 828 x 315 pixel. The mobile area is within the 560 x 315-pixel area, it is advisable to add words to your cover photo by adding a text overlay just be sure it is visible across all devices.

Add a Call-to-Action Button to Your Facebook Page

This adding a call-to-action button to your page give people an avenue to access your page and either sign up for your giveaway or newsletter, buy something and so forth. The add button is located under the right corner of your cover photo.  Just click it and you will be prompt to choose from the types of standard buttons available.

  • The Book Services
  • The Get in Touch
  • The Learn More
  • The Make a Purchase or Donation
  • The Download App or Game

You can explore all these calls to action button to see the categories under them and choose which one is the best for your business you are running.

Add a Description to your Facebook Page

The description is used to make people aware of what you do and the more information you give the more followers will always stick around. There is a limit to the text you can have in your description, it could be up to 155 characters and this can show up when you search for in the search result and with these people can easily search for your product or service in other to find your page online.

Add a short description prompt and write little sentences comprising the keyword phrases where appropriate to clearly express and describe the focus of your page or business. When you are through just click on the save button and you are all set.

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