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Facebook block is a feature that allows you to temporarily remove someone from your Facebook account without them having access to get connected to you. Facebook Block is more like a security feature that allows Facebook users to temporarily save themselves from imposters or annoying friends on social media platform such as Facebook. Once you blocked someone on Facebook, such person will not appear on your contact anymore. They would be unable to either comment, post or like any content on your timeline and you can not do the same either.

Facebook Block -  Block and Unblock Friends on Facebook

Blocking someone on Facebook apparently means removing a friend from your Facebook search engine. For instance, if the person searches for you, using the search engine, you won’t appear on the search result, even in the friend’s list but the person will be able to see previous messages. In other words, such a person exists no more on your Facebook account, they will be unable to re-add you again on Facebook except you go ahead to unblock them from your list. After blocking people using Facebook Block features from your account, the only possible way to get reconnected with them is to unblock them and send a new friend request again.

Facebook BlockHow to Block Friends on Facebook

Blocking a friend on Facebook is not a hard task to carry out as it is very easy to do with just simple steps as below;

  • Click on Account at the right corner of your Facebook page.
  • Click on Privacy Settings.
  • Edit your lists under the block lists section.
  • At the block users located at the top, add the name or email address of the person to be blocked.
  • Click on Block.

The easier thing to do if you do not want someone to get in touch with you or you need to take a break from a friend on Facebook is to hide the person and they will not be noticed of such action instead of blocking them from your account.

Unblocking Facebook Friends – Facebook Blocking Settings

If you have a change of mind of someone you recently blocked using Facebook Block features or probably you did block the person unknowingly.  You want to revert that, just go to your settings and navigate to blocking list through the following steps

  • Click the drop-down menu in the top right of any Facebook page and select Settings.
  • Go to the left side of Facebook and click Blocking to see list of Facebook Block friends.
  • In the Block Users section, you should see a list of people you’ve blocked. Click Unblock next to the name of anyone you want to unblock.
  • Click Unblock next to the name of the person you want to unblock.
  • Click Confirm to finish unblocking the person.

Once this is done you have unblocked the person. The person will not be notified of the unblocking but to be friends again you need to send a new friend request to the person and they will have to approve before you can both be friends again.

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