Facebook Advertising Policy – Features of Facebook Advertising Policies

Basically after creating your ads for the first time or over a while. Then you discover that one of your ads was removed. At the same time blocked from being published for audiences to see and you’re wondering what happens. Or perhaps you received a notification about one of your ads saying “doesn’t follow Facebook advertising policies”. It means you have gone against the rule and regulation of advertising on Facebook. On the contrary, the Facebook advertising policy comprises of rules and regulations that govern the concept of advertising on Facebook and pages. This provides you with a guideline on what contents of ads and what not is accepted.

Facebook Ads Policy - Features of Facebook Advertising Policies

In other words, the Facebook advertising policy are guidelines about what contents of ads are acceptable and unacceptable on the advertising platform. Every advertiser to know the Facebook advertising policies. This use to ensure the safety of audiences from scanners and other illegal products. However, the Facebook advertising policy is very effective whereby when you place your ads, Facebook then reviews the ads to see if it goes against the policies. If it does the ads wouldn’t be published but if it complies with the policies it will be published.

Facebook Advertising Policy – Overview Features of the Facebook Advertising Policies

However, Facebook has so many policies provided on what type of advert content to showcase or not allowed. To make it earlier for advertisers on Facebook to understand the Facebook advertising policy. We will make a quick review of the Facebook advertising policy and also access you can access the page to learn more.

  • Prohibited content: this has to do with content that must not go against the community standard as well as the Instagram community guideline if advertising on Instagram. Other includes illegal products or services, discriminatory practices, tobacco products, and lots more.
  • Restricted content: promoting ads based on alcohol, dating, real money gambling, online pharmacies, regional lotteries, financial and insurance products & services must follow the rules or policies of adverting on Facebook.
  • Video adverts: the Facebook video ads and other dynamic ad types must follow the rules of the advertising policies, community standard, disruptive content, and entertainment-related restrictions.
  • Targeting: using targeting options that usually discriminate, provoke or harass users aren’t accepted. Also, keep in mind that if you use custom audiences to target audiences you need to comply with the applicable term.
  • Positioning: Your adverts must be relevance both the text, images or other media, accuracy, and also must relate to the landing pages.

Moreover, to access to the full detail of the Facebook advertising policy . Therefore access this link www.facebook.com/policies/ads. On your web browser to see more of the advertising policies you need to be aware of as an advertiser.

Facebook Advertising Policy – Steps to Take if Your Facebook Advertising Placement Disapprove

However, should in case your ads were disapproved due to the Facebook advertising policies. Then you can edit your advert again to apply. For that reason, go to your ad edit to change some details and resubmit it again for reviews. Hence, here is how to go through the process:

  • Firstly, access the notification sent to the email address linked to the ad account.
  • Next, makes use of the messages of disapproval sent to you to edit your advert o create a compliant one.

Furthermore, once you have completed the entire required procedures displayed on the page you can then save your edited changes. Afterward, your advert will then subject for review by Facebook. Keep in mind, in case your ad was disapproved mistakenly. You can use the link www.business.facebook.com/help/contact/1582364792025146/ to fill out a form in which your ad will be review.

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